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June's fall in Bridlington on 11th September, 2016

June's fall outside home on 9th December, 2014
June's Broken Hip on 2nd May, 2009

General Update
I have had boats for over 30 years and, when ex wife Meg moved in with her Mother and Step Father, following our serious marital problems - I came home unexpectedly and found her in 'our' marital bed with a 'friend' of ours after 25 years of marriage - I cruised on my narrowboat 'Mahala'  from Wakefield to the River Thames and back hoping to avoid depression.   However, on returning to work, (as a senior lecturer and course tutor at Leeds Kitson College of Technology), I ended up with serious depression and, eventually, had to take early retirement.

Since retiring, I met my Sister's friend, June Spawforth, who was also suffering depression after losing her husband Michael in a tragic car accident (fire) in 1988.

We helped each other and June suggested that I live with her in Lofthouse.
June and I were 'an item' from 1990 but, out of respect for Michael, June refused to marry me though I asked her MANY times.  June finally accepted and we married on Saturday 30th August 2014 (my 74th birthday).

During this period, I set up 'Narrowboat Charter' in 1993 at Stanley Ferry with a 58ft narrowboat 'Oxford Blue'.  I still had 45ft 'Mahala' but sold her and bought a 35ft boat which I renamed 'Baby Blue' also used for boat trips and holidays.  Things were going well until problems with a new 50ft narrowboat build which caused me more depression!  I sold the boats in 1997 and have used computer stuff to occupy my time to date.

June's Broken Hip
June suffered a broken hip following a fall in our bedroom on 2nd May, 2009.  Too badly shattered for a hip replacement, so has a titanium rod from knee to hip with titanium screws / pins at top and bottom.  Also several titanium pins / screws to 'stitch' her hip. She can walk about 25 yards but uses a 'manual' wheel chair (I'm the 'man' bit), and last year we bought a mobility scooter for our regular holidays in Bridlington, however ......

June's Broken Arm on 9th December, 2014
Bad News ..... Wednesday 10th December, 2014
June had a fall late on Tuesday 9th December; X-Rays showed a broken
humorous, (left arm),  close to her shoulder joint
In an attempt to save herself, she cut her right hand and suffered a strained back
which has created a lot of pain.

June's fall from mobility scooter in Bridlington on 11th September, 2016
June had a very bad accident on 11th September, 2016 ........
She attempted to dismount from her mobility scooter but had not turned the key to the 'off position'. She then accidentally caught the reverse lever and the scooter effectively 'threw her' onto the concrete paving outside the Richmond Guest House.  Bridlington hospital has no A&E so June refused my request to call an ambulance - which would have taken her to Scarborough Hospital since Bridlington Hospital no longer has an A&E department !
Though I suggested we return home and to Pinderfield's Hospital, June refused as she was confident that she had not broken any bones - though she fell on her LEFT side which had the titanium rod from knee to hip, screws at top & bottom of the rod and screws & pins stitching her badly broken hip from her fall in 2009 !
A visit to Pinderfield's on 17th September showed no broken bones and June has managed to progress, with my help, from TWO crutches to ONE crutch as I type these notes on 6th October, 2016 !   June is adamant that she will be ok for another two weeks in Bridlington which we had previously booked! (we also have two weeks booked over Xmas & New Year).

Regards, Mel Ashton 


If you ever fancy a holiday in Bridlington, 'The Richmond' guest house is excellent for bed and breakfast, has disabled facilities, and is central - close to the harbour and close to lots of facilities.  Give me a call if you're interested - I have lots of useful information.

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