Tutorials 18 & 19

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Tutorial 19:   More on 123-Reg Web Mail

Useful Tips:

1)  Remember that 'web mail', being web-based, is slower than, say,
     'Outlook Express' (please be patient when waiting for a response.
     Use the usual 'Forward / Back' Arrows if you accidentally move to a
     wrong page (item) - Closing the wrong page will probably mean you
     have to Login again !!

2) Though an automatic reply will have been sent - always Reply ASAP
     Potential Customers will also be looking elsewhere ........
3) When you first open an email from a new contact, hit the 'Address
    Button' (mouse hover shows 'add sender to address book'
4) If your Inbox is looking a bit heavy .....
    delete unwanted emails ('Tag the email(S) then 'Move to Trash')

Folders set up for you by Mel Ashton:

5) Move 'pending' emails to the 'Pending' folder (ensure that the desired
    folder is selected from the 'drop down' list BEFORE hitting the 'Move'

6) Move completed customer mailings to the 'Customers' folder.

7) Move Personal mailings to the appropriate folder ......
    You can Create, Rename or Delete folders if you wish.

8) Accidental movement to the 'Trash Folder' can be moved to the desired
    folder but this must be done BEFORE logging out as the 'Trash Folder'
    is set to empty on Logoff !!

Tutorial 20:   Address Book:

1) Always add new contacts ASAP - see item 3 in Tutorial 19 (above).

2) Add 'other information' regarding the sender by Editing the address
    book entry,  It always looks good to a customer if you have details
    available next time you contact them.  Customers name, address,
    telephone contact numbers, etc. etc. can easily be added while details
    are to hand !

3) Clicking on the 'Email Address' header sets the address book in
     alphabetical email address order.
    Clicking on the 'Full Name'  header sets the address book in
     alphabetical SURNAME order.

4) 'Tags' can be set in the Address Book and a 'general mailing' sent to
     all desired recipients in one mailing.
     I recommend sending the mail 'to yourself' (your Business Address
     from the Address Book).
     Others should be Bcc: (blank carbon copies), so that any one customer
     can only see 'your' address - reduces SPAM and maintains customer
     privacy !

5)  Your address book may take up several pages ('Next' / 'Previous'
      buttons at bottom of page.  Remember to 'Tag All' required recipients
      before sending a mail to many customers

6) Reminder .....
    Don't forget to 'Logoff ' when finished with mail work, though the
    'Mailbox' can be minimized to the Task Bar then Maximized & the Inbox
     Refreshed to look for new messages when desired.

Reminder of Interface Styles:
Contact Mel be Email or telephone for any desired information:
(01924) 834 464  / 07740 282 567

Keep the following pictures on for reference, OR ...
have your 'live page' open

If desired, and you have no personal banking information on your computer, a 'Remote Access' can be set up whereby Mel AND Yourself
can operate your computer to sort out problems.

Basic Interface
Basic Interface


Simple Interface
Simple Interface


Advanced Interface
Advanced Interface

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