Tutorials 17 & 18

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Tutorial 17:   Advantages of using Web Mail
1) Any SPAM and / or suspected viruses can be deleted in the mailbox
     and will not reach your computer.
2) An 'Auto Responder' can automatically reply to confirm that the email
    has been received and a reply will be sent A.S.A.P.
3) Recipients will receive information from a 'Business or Private' address
    and NOT from your personal email address.

See Tutorials 03 / 04 for Webmail & Outlook Express set up.

Tutorial 18:   Using 123-reg Web Mail:

Always send Replies or New Mail 'from the mailbox' which will ensure
that your personal email address is protected.

1) Open the 123-Reg mailbox from: https://webmail.123-reg.co.uk

2) Enter your 123-reg Mailbox Name and Password

3) Select the desired Interface Style - 'Basic', 'Simple' or 'Advanced'
   (default is 'Basic' and changes can be selected from within the mailbox)

4) Login

5) Don't forget to 'Logoff ' when finished with mail work, though the
    'Mailbox' can be minimized to the Task Bar then Maximized & the Inbox
     Refreshed to look for new messages when desired.

Login is usually to the 'Inbox' which can be 'Refreshed' as and when desired - envelope icon with circular arrow or 'Send / Receive' icon.

Messages can be read before moving or deleting or moved to the desired folders before reading.  In either case Replies or newly 'Composed' messages should be made from 'within the mailbox' i.e. to protect a users personal email address.

Folders can be Created, Renamed or Deleted as desired, e.g. .......

Customers, Pending, Private, etc.

To move a message, 'drag and drop' into the desired folder or 'tag' one or more messages, select the desired folder, then hit the 'Move' button.

Please remember .....
Being web based - allow time for new folder or file requests !

See Tutorials 03 / 04 for Webmail & Outlook Express set up.

Interface Styles:

Basic Interface
Basic Interface


Simple Interface
Simple Interface


Advanced Interface
Advanced Interface

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