Tutorials 15 & 16

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Tutorial 15:   Changing the Outlook Express Folder Storage:
Outlook Express folders are 'buried' in the depths of the drive and can be difficult to locate.  It is useful to move the folders to a location which is easier to locate:

Create a suitable folder - say 'Outlook Express Folders' in a suitable location e.g. C: / Documents and settings, then

Open 'Outlook Express' Tools / Options and select the 'Maintenance' tab.

Click on the 'Store Folder' button the 'Change' and and browse for the folder that you created above.  Click 'OK' and close all open options.

The change will not take effect until 'Outlook express' is closed and re-opened.  Allow time for the transfer - it is not necessary to Restart.

Tutorial 16:   Saving & Restoring Outlook Express folders:

Locate the 'Outlook Express folder' created above then copy the folder to any desired location (e.g. backup USB stick etc.

After a computer crash or, on transferring the folders, ensure that the Outlook Express folder location is first set as above.
Close down 'Outlook Express' then over-write the folder with your previously saved folder.

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