Tutorials 11 & 12

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Tutorial 11:   Renaming files:
Rename usually by right-clicking on file name, selecting 'Rename' and typing new filename (03 etc) then hit 'Enter' ('Return').
Renaming the files 01, 02, 03 ... 12, 13 etc (allowing 100 files !) but ....

1) Do not use 1, 2, 3 etc as they will not be saved in the correct order.
    e.g. 13 would come before 2 etc.

2) Do not change the file extension (.jpg, .gif, .doc, .html etc.) otherwise
    they will not work.

3) A name is still essential in the email subject line - see below - but
    nothing else, the attachment will then be self explanatory.



Tutorial 12:   Attaching several files (pictures / documents)

You can send all pictures / documents for one subject in a single email:

1) Rename your files as above;

2) Set up an email with appropriate name as subject;
3) Click on the Attach icon (paper clip)
4) Locate the file folder (on camera, computer or printer ?)
5) Highlight ONE file name, then use Ctrl-A to select All files then attach
    them to your email.
6) Send the email
If you wish to modify which files are sent, Ctrl-Click will toggle a single file as selected or not selected.
It might seem a bit difficult at first but easy after a while and will make things much easier for future use.

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