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Tutorial 09:   Refreshing Pages & Deleting stored information:
Computers usually store web pages in a 'Cashe' memory so that they are there immediately.
In 'Windows' browsers, the 'Refresh' Icon (  ) is usually in the top toolbar.
This will reload the web page if there are any problems with it or if you want to check for a new version.
However, in the case of a 'framed' web page - like the Cheers one - a Refresh will merely return you to the home page and when you return to the desired page again it may or may not be updated.
For this reason I put a 'Refresh' link in the web page navigation bars - again see the Cheers website.
A 'Refresh' is virtually instantaneous - not like re-booting !


Deleting Cashe Memory information:

Computers store a LOT of information regarding previous pages viewed, web and email addresses, account names and passwords, etc.
This enables fast and convenient access but .....
It can lead to slow down in computer speed and, more importantly, security problems for this reason occasional 'purging' is desirable:

Open the internet explorer by Clicking 'Start' then 'Right Clicking' on the Internet Explorer Icon and selecting 'Internet Properties'.
Alternatively - in an open browser page click Tools / Options (or similar).

The control panel which opens allows Deletion of 'Cookies', Web Browser History, Security Settings and much more.


Tutorial 10:   Mel's Sillies

I receive LOTS of 'funny' and 'serious' information by email, most of which I call my 'Sillies' which are saved on my web pages.  I TRY to keep them viewable by anyone, including children' and they can be viewed from links on my home page or from here.
I have a number of people in a 'Sillies' mailing group:
Click Here if you would like to be included or Click Here for removal.

Mailings received that are unsuitable for children or may be considered racially biased, politically incorrect, etc are saved in my 'X' Sillies.
These are NOT available from my home page.  If you would like to view these pages and are over 18 years of age, Click Here to receive the access address.

Note that BOTH indexes have a 'Recent' section in reverse date order,
(newest at the top), and are of mixed applications.
Earlier Sillies are in 'Application' order then reverse date order.
A 'Search' box has recently been added for keyword or phrase searches.

Forwarding Mel's Sillies:

I often get requests on 'how to forward one of my sillies', the easiest way is to include a link to my sillies index pages:
www.melashton.co.uk/sillies and indicate the name and / or date of the silly. Check with Mel on how to send the 'X' silly index.

Alternatively, Right Click on a title and select 'Copy shortcut' the link can then be 'Pasted' into your email (Right Click & Select 'Paste').

If you want to 'hide' the location of the silly you can type your email first, then select 'Insert Hyperlink' and Paste the link saved previously from my Sillies Index page.
Take care that the 'http://' is highlighted so that it is over-written with the address of the silly - otherwise you will end up with http://http:// at the front of the 'sillies' URL and it won't work.

Examples: ('UP' Silly)  ... text without error ...    ... text with error ...

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