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Tutorial 07:   Online Postage:
I almost always print my own postage stamps online:
These include senders name & address which is 'remembered' by the system (but can easily be changed).
Funding can be provided by credit card and includes a postage account which can be 'topped up' as & when desired (which I use).

Various envelope formats are available but some practice is required when printing envelopes.  If position errors occur, use the SAME envelope until you get it right.  Record your settings for future use.
As an example, I often use A4 setup and print on A4 paper - then cutting and sellotaping to an A4 envelope.

Now go to: http://www.royalmail.com/portal/rm

Further information on Postage (including a possible template print), is available at: http://www.melashton.co.uk/post


Tutorial 08:   Miscellaneous Information - useful for browsing practice

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