Tutorials 05 & 06

Scanning Pictures & Attaching them to an Email

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Tutorial 05:   File Names & Scanning Pictures:

Reminder: the following applies to PC computers, MAC's may differ ?

e.g. 'folders' may be called 'directories' - I understand that the MAC file system is more simple to use than PC file system ?
I use 'Windows Explorer' extensively for moving files about - always having destination folder AND origin folder in view before selecting and moving files.
I use Outlook Express for sending and receiving emails.
Folder & File Names:
I try to use file & folder names which ease future searches, I ALWAYS end up with more folders & files on a topic than I anticipated and it's a time-consuming process to Rename folders & files !

If numeric, always put plenty of leading zero's, e.g. 001 will allow 1000 files (including 0000).  If not, files will not appear in order in a search - e.g. 14 will appear BEFORE  3

If dated use format yyyy-mm-dd to ensure date order -
otherwise 3-03-08 will appear AFTER 15/03/08 etc.

When a 'subject name' is used, this might be followed by a date or number, formatted in the above manner.

Scanning is a relatively slow process so I scan as many at a time as I can - often 3 or 4 - in ANY orientation to allow them to fit on my A4 scanner.

I usually use about 300 d.p.i. resolution.
Save the master then crop (roughly) to get one picture.
Modify size if required then rotate and crop for final result.
Save as .jpg file, (suitable name), in a suitable location (often a scanner file to begin with).
Repeat for other picures on this scan
Then repeat ALL for another group of pictures.

Scan B/W pictures separately and use a B/W PHOTO scan  (a FAX or document scan will only have 2 tones).

Once all pictures are stored as required, (possibly in a scanner folder), they can all be moved to the desired folder - possibly a new one (or more).

If you have several pictures to move at the same time, click on one, then use Ctrl-A (Control key + A at the same time) or use File/Select All.

The selected group can then be 'dragged and dropped' into any desired folder.
If you want selected files, Ctrl-click should select a file - repeat as required - if a wrong file is accidentally selected Ctrl Click should de-select it.

Tutorial 06:   Attaching Pictures (and other files) to an Email:

A similar technique to that given above can be used to select a number of picture and / or other files for attaching to an email - though, depending on file size, it is better not to try and send too many in one go.
The 'send' process will obviously take much longer as file size and / or number of files is increased.

Practice above by sending some to yourself ?

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