Tutorials 03 & 04

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Tutorial 03:   Email Access by Web Mail

(refer to Tutorials 16-17 for 123-Reg Web Mail set up)

Open your I.S.P's Home Page: e.g. BT Connect  www.btconnect.com or ..
123-reg webmail:  https://webmail.123-reg.co.uk

Click on the email tab / Enter your email address and password and Click on 'Login'

Receive and send emails from your web mail section.

Remember that 'webmail' - being webpage based - is slower than, say, Outlook Express
Please be patient when selecting folders, address book, Create Mail, etc.

See Tutorials 16, 17 and /or 18 & 19 for further information on 123-reg webmail.

Tutorial 04:   Email Access by Outlook Express
(following example is for 123-reg  ......  use appropriate ISP information)

Open 'Outlook Express'

Click on 'Tools'

Select 'Accounts' from the drop down list

Click 'Add' and select 'Mail'

Enter any desired Display name - e.g. your name or business name- click Next

Enter email address e.g. myname@123-reg.co.uk - click Next

Incoming Mail - enter the required server information, e.g.  pop.123-reg.co.uk

Outgoing Mail - enter the required server information, e.g. smtp.123-reg.co.uk

Click Next - Click Finish

Click on 'Tools' again ......

Select 'Accounts' from the drop down list

Select (highlight) the new account, select 'Properties' and re-name it if required e.g.
to your name or business name.

Do not tick 'Log on using secure password authentication (for 123-reg)

Do tick the 'My server requires Authentication' tab (for 123-reg)

Click on 'OK'

You've finished - now try sending a mail to yourself ?
(it's ok to talk to yourself -
- it's when you answer yourself that you might start to worry !!)

Select 'Create Mail'
Remember to select the new account in the 'From' box (if a 'From' box is present);
You may prefer to set your new account as your 'default' mail address (looks better to recipients and reduces SPAM).  Set default via 'Tools / Accounts' as before
Enter your new email address into the 'To' box and enter a subject e.g. Test, day, date, time.
Now 'Send' your test email. You SHOULD receive it within minutes (if not seconds !)

Hope it works !!

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