Tutorials 01 & 02

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Tutorial 01:   Printer setup:

Have the printer plugged in and ready but ......
Do not plug the USB lead in until asked to do so !
Insert the printer CD and follow instructions.
Once ready & tested you can print out your tutorials:

Tutorial 02:   Email setup: Outlook Express for Sky Emails

Refer to Tutorial 4 for General Outlook Express Set Up

Use this Sky Help Page for Sky Email setup - note link to a 'Printable version' of the page.
It is much easier to follow a printed sheet than clicking back & forth in the bottom task bar.
Print out and tick each item as they are completed in Outlook Express account setup.

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p.s. - this is one of my signatures when creating a message to Send, click on 'Insert', select Signature and select yours.

To set up a signature - they can use LIVE links as above:
With Outlook Express, Open (NOT an email), select Tools/ Options and click on the Signatures tab.
Select 'New' and set up your desired signature, then click 'Apply' and 'OK'.
Several signatures can be set up - e.g. family, business, etc.
Name / Rename signatures as desired and ALWAYS check that any 'live' links work:
'Insert' a signature in a test email then 'Close' and save the email (to the 'Drafts' folder).

Locate the email in the 'Drafts' folder (but DON'T open it); check that any links work.
Note: if there are web browser page links, several can be checked by moving between the email and the web page in the bottom Task Bar - i.e. the web page will change and it is not necessary to close the web browser after each check.

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