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Having been asked questions relating to computers on many occasions by family & friends, I decided to create these pages in order not to have to repeat the information.

Note: these tutorials apply to PC computers, MAC's may differ.

e.g. 'folders' may be called 'directories' - I understand that the MAC file system is more simple to use than PC file system ?
I use 'Windows Explorer' extensively for moving files about - always having destination folder AND origin folder in view before selecting and moving files.
I usually use Outlook Express for sending and receiving emails, though am increasingly using web mail - see Webmail Tutorials

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These pages are in 'subject order' - Click Here for 'Date' Listing ? - latest at top.

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Parental Control - Government information documents (mainly PDF files)
Parental Control - McAfee Information (PDF file)

Contact Mel be Email or telephone with any errors, suggestions, other topic requests, etc.

(01924) 834 464  / 07740 282 567

If desired, and you have no personal banking information on your computer, a 'Remote Access' can be set up whereby Mel AND Yourself
can operate your computer to sort out problems.
Sorry but there will be a charge for this service - contact Mel, (above) for
further information on 'Remote access' or other forms of help.

Email Information - Outlook Express  
Email Information - Webmail  
Mel's Sillies  
Miscellaneous Information & links  
On line postage stamps  
Outlook Express Set Up General
Outlook Express Set Up for Sky
Outlook Express - Emails - Cc: & Bcc: Copies  
Outlook Express - File Names, Scanning Pictures  
Outlook Express - Attaching Files to an Email  
Outlook Express - Attaching several files  
Outlook Express - Renaming Files  
Outlook Express  - Folder Storage  
Outlook Express - Saving & Restoring Folders  
Outlook Express - Email Address Book Folders & Groups  
Printer Set Up  
Webmail - Advantages of Using Webmail  
Webmail - Webmail Set Up  
Webmail - Using 123-reg Webmail (a)  
Webmail - Using 123-reg Webmail (b)  
Webmail  - Using the 123-Reg Address Book  
Webmail - Email Signatures  
Webmail - Email Auto Responders  
Web Browser Pages - Refreshing Pages  
Web Browser Pages - Deleting Stored Information  

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