RIP Anthony (Tony)
3rd May, 1929 - 15th January, 2013

'Joyce the Voice'

a.k.a. 'Murfy'
(there's only one fin murfy !)

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Comments received from Friends & Relatives

'098's Appreciation of '520'  Graham's appreciation of Tony

Time  A church reading by Richard -Thursday 24/01/13

Tony's 80th birthday  [Sunday 03/05/09 - new window]

Singing Star Advert  in fun for the Outwood Supertroupers

Yorkshire Post Obituary / Appreciation  26/01/13

Going Home [YouTube]
Libera Boys Choir - with subtitles - keep your sound up - view full screen ?
Going Home alternative with subtitles [YouTube]
Abide With Me  [YouTube]
St Paul Cathedral Choir - keep your sound up - view full screen ?
He's Got the Whole World in His Hands
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Going Home [Lyrics] - with a link to a printer friendly version

Outwood Supertroupers Movie - live at Stanley Ferry  Courtesy Outwood Community Video / YouTube
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At the end, there are links to 'Lofthouse Colliery and other movies !

Please take note of bowel cancer symptoms  [new window]
Tony did but, alas, his other health problems prevented surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy

Mel, I've found a contact number for the Bowel cancer screening programme - it's 0800 707 60 60
The unit is based in Gateshead.  My wife, Anne, was invited onto the programme in 2009.
Usually the response time after returning the sample is very quick so you get to know either way inside a week or thereabouts. The number is an advice line and, they say), can cope with most questions without embarrassment on the subject.  Stuart Cowgill
[Long time friend of Mel Ashton [Doreen's brother]  see www.alwynisherwood.co.uk via Male Staff]

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