John, Kim, Chef Paul & Staff have now moved out of the 'Rose & Crown'

Unfortunately, due to unforeseen circumstances - created by their landlords
'Punch Taverns' - they are currently seeking new premises for their new business which has grown rapidly since their start in May, 2009.

They pulled the 'Rose & Crown' out of the 'doldrums' in a remarkably short time - less than 2 months - from May, 2009.

Please 'watch this space' for further information regarding their possible move to new premises.

Mel Ashton, 20th September, 2009

Thank you to those who signed my petition requesting that John, Kim,
Chef Paul & Staff remain at the 'Rose & Crown'.


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The 'Rose & Crown' is currently a Nisa Store
the upper floor is now occupied by ...

Reggie's Cafe
Recommended by Melvin Ashton

January, 2020
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