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Melvin, (Mel), Ashton, May, 2019.

Outwood Supertroupers

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01 July, 2002 Outwood Supertroupers
At Stanley Water Carnival in 2002

May, 1983

The Supertroupers Team
Ernest Crossland and Team at Outwood WMC
03 May, 1983 Johnny Firth and Dot Wiltshire
At Outwood WMC
04 06/09/16 Doreen Wilkinson's 70th Birthday Party
6th September, 2016
at Outwood WMC
05 06/12/16 Castleford Show
06 22/05/19 Outwood Supertrouers
Melvin Ashton's Previous Supertroupers Information
07 ?? Tony Joyce
A Picture of Tony and a link to his Obituary Information
08 Misc. Supertroupers Wakefield Express Cuttings
1983, 2001, 2002(x3), 2003(x2)
09 ?? Supertroupers Group
A Group Picture - year & date unknown
10 ?? Supertroupers Group
Another Group Picture - year & date unknown
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