Outwood  Working  Mens  Club
62 Ledger Lane,  Outwood,  Wakefield,  WF1 2NS
Tel: (01924) 824 156  Email:

The charge for the concert room is £70.

This covers room extension until 11.30 for bar, bar staff and cleaners.

If the person hiring the room is a member and the party spend £500, they get their money back.

If not a member they have to spend £750 to get money back.

So it works out cheaper to make yourself a member !

Maximum seating number in Concert Room is 180 (for comfort).

Maximum seating number in Lounge is 65 (for comfort).

Maximum number of buffets in Concert Room is 150 (for comfort).

Maximum number of buffets in Lounge is 45 (for comfort).

Buffet price / head £ 5.50 per head for basic buffet.

FREE WiFi Available - Audio, Video, Projectors and Screen available for hire at a small additional cost - please contact our Vice President for further information:

Why not call in and chat with us – check out Entertainment for a suitable date
Note the Karaoke and Bingo sessions…… 

If you are not members, use the bell on the side door and  ask for me (Melvin), the Steward, (Paul), or a committee member and we will be pleased to sign you in.

PLEASE include a telephone contact number in your email or web form.

Try our NEW Function Room Request Form (Hot off the Press !) OR

Email us from here

Typical Functions:

Birthday / Anniversary
Business Meetings
Celebration of Life (Bereavement)
Committee Meetings (Schools, Clubs, etc.)
Sports Club Meetings
Wedding Reception / Celebration

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