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Browse our web pages off line .........

Obtain a copy of our website from Mel Ashton's USB Stick

To facilitate 'off line browsing', our current website can be loaded onto your computer from a 'USB Stick'.  All content has been thoroughly checked by McAfee and is completely free of viruses and errors [other than pages under development e.g. 'Guest Book' pages].
Contact Mel Ashton for this facility .....
Allo Allo - Read this very carefully - you need to do this only once !!
We suggest that you copy the 'occ' folder from Mel's USB stick to your desktop or other desired location.  Then use 'Windows Explorer' to open the occ folder.
Scroll down and open the 'index' page.  If prompted, (at the top of screen), please 'Allow' blocked content, [JavaScript etc]. Then select Favorites - Add to favorites.

F.O.C. but a 1.00 donation .....
to Outwood Computer Club funds via Michael Hooley would be appreciated.

Most of the files are accessible 'offline', even email drafting / webmail form completion - in preparation for an online connection [to 'Send' / 'Submit'].

Current website statistics ---------------------------
If you find any errors - even spelling errors .....
please inform Mel Ashton  [no reward offered].

Michael Hooley:  (01924)   827  608
Tony Banks:    (01924)
Melvin Ashton:  (01924)   834  464
                                                                                      07740   282  567

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