Outwood Computer Club

7:30 pm to 9:30 pm, Wednesday Evenings, in Outwood Memorial Hall
Victoria Street, Outwood, Wakefield WF1 2NE

We suggest that you use the Learn My Way, (new window), modules for initial computer exercises
[or as refresher courses]        'Tutor Info' , (new window).

'Learn My Way' modules replace previous 'My Guide' and 'GoON' modules...
New for 2014 are 'using touch screen devices',  'creating documents' and more .......

New Information - aimed at Senior Starters - but useful to All  (via James Smith)

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New Computer Setup - Windows Live Mail etc.

[for Outwood Computer Club Computers]

Check Start / All programs & look for Windows Live Mail - if present, right click then drag & drop a shortcut to desktop and / or taskbar.

If not installed, Download and Install Windows Live Mail from Windows Live ..


Check for program installation as above as above then Open the program and set up as required including the desired hotmail account.
Note that, later, other mail accounts can be added to Windows Live Mail - check with Mel Ashton for information.

New Computer Setup - Skype

[for Outwood Computer Club Computers]

Example:  Computer 03  Skype setup 22/02/12


30/08/40 [Melvin Ashton's Birthday !]

First Name:  Computer-03  Second Name: Outwood Computer Club

Skype Name club-computer-03

Password: as for WIFI security code:  Memxxxxx-xaxx-year

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See Skype  Information for further details.

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