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'learn my way' modules replace previous 'My Guide' and 'GoON' modules.  New for
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A wireless internet facility is available in Outwood Memorial Hall

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A Wireless Internet Connection (WIFI) facility is available in Outwood Memorial Hall.  It is now possible to connect to the broadband internet service by means of this wireless connection.

A BT wireless router, (Hub), is installed in the premises.

Every pc to be connected will require wireless interface hardware and software.

Some modern computers have  WIFI facilities 'built in' (integrated), others will require a plug-in adapter;
Modern Laptop computers usually have 'built in' WIFI facilities;
Others will require an adapter - usually to a USB port connection.

For an email address, the maximum number of connections may be limited to 8 or 9, each will be given an email address and security password, on a 'first come, first served' basis.  The password can then be changed by the user.

The cost of this service has yet to be determined - but the service will initially be open for 'free access' using a temporary password.

Anyone requiring a connection should contact:

Michael, Tony or Melvin

In order to aid security, anyone intending to use the wireless internet connection should notify Michael, Tony or Melvin of their requirements and computer name.  Ideally, it would be appreciated if the computer name is set to a relevant name, i.e. the owners name, e.g. Mels-Laptop

This can be achieved in Windows7 by:
Start - Right Click on 'Computer' then select 'Properties.....
Under 'Computer name, domain name and workgroup settings'......
Click on 'Change settings' then modify 'Computer description' if desired.
Press 'Change' then alter 'Full computer description' if desired.......
Click 'OK' , close & Restart, (now or later), for the changes to be set.

Older Windows: Start / Control Panel / System / Computer Name (tab) - enter name, then Restart Computer.

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