Outwood Computer Club test

7:30 pm to 9:30 pm, Wednesday Evenings, in Outwood Memorial Hall
Victoria Street, Outwood, Wakefield WF1 2NE

We suggest that you use the 'learn my way' modules for initial computer exercises
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'learn my way' modules replace previous 'My Guide' and 'GoON' modules.  New for
2014 are 'using touch screen devices',  'creating documents' and more .......

New Information - aimed at Senior Starters - but useful to All  (via James Smith)

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A wireless internet facility is available in Outwood Memorial Hall

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Free telephone services are available on broadband

An example is Skype (download and install free ?).

Another example is Logitech  (cameras / microphones also compatible with Skype).
Please note that this video communication facility is NOT free.

Using these services requires the other 'party' to have installed a similar program but on-line payment facilities are available to enable 'dial up' to 'conventional' landline or mobile telephones.

A microphone is required and the built in speakers can be used.
Alternatively 'hand sets' similar to conventional telephones are available.

A camera or combined camera / microphone enables video and audio communication with friends and relatives.