Colour Printing - for Educational & Cartridge Test Purposes

Colour printers use YCMK  [yellow, cyan, magenta & black]

Some use TWO cartridges [black & tri-colour]
Others use FOUR cartridges YCMK [yellow, cyan, magenta & black]

With a tri-colour cartridge, the loss of any colour requires the replacement of the colour cartridge - i.e. ALL colours Yellow, Cyan & Magenta, even though TWO of the ink colours may still be adequate in level.

With FOUR cartridges YCMK a single ink cartridge can be replaced.

The following pages are useful for educational purposes AND for ink level test purposes.  When your printer displays a 'low ink level' warning, as you are probably aware, the printing can continue ok for a considerable time.

Print cartridges are expensive and the following test pages will show when a cartridge definitely requires replacing - thus saving costs.

The Example shows the effects on printing when the Cyan ink level is VERY low and the cartridge DEFINITELY requires replacing.  Note

Colour Test - Subtractive Mixing
(Colour Printing, Painting, Colour TV - LCD versions, stage lighting filters etc.)
Primary Colours for Subtractive Mixing are Yellow, Cyan & Magenta

Colour Test - Additive Mixing
(Colour TV, stage spotlight lighting etc)
Primary Colours for Additive Mixing are Red, Green & Blue

Colour Test - Subtractive Mixing - with Low / No Cyan Ink

Colour Test - Subtractive Mixing - with No Yellow Ink

Colour Test - Subtractive Mixing - with No Magenta Ink

IF coloured 'blocks' are required, then before Printing select:
Tools / Internet Options / Advanced /
Scroll Down & Tick 'Print background colours and images
(Don't forget to deselect this item if you wish to save time & ink on web printing work)