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Emley Moor - TV Channels - West Yorkshire

All analogue signals now 'Gone but not forgotton'

Digital Channels require re-tuning and probably Program Numbers re-sorting.

Fury over new aerial charges - comments to Wakefield Express Friday 16/09/11
Victory against aerials charge - comments to Wakefield Express Friday 23/09/11
WDH will stop the charges and will consult with tenants before making a decision in April /12
[could not be located on web pages].
Acknowledgement to www.wakefieldexpress.co.uk

Mel had problems with his Samsung TV .......
Retuned ok but 'Program Numbers' were incorrect and 'Program Swap' is missing in the set up menu [actually the icon is present but the 'down' selection skips it !!!]

Samsung LE32R41BD
Software Version:     T_GREEPE00_1055
Firmware Ver            EU7_1000
Hardware Version:     v1.60a

Ok after THIRD auto tune but .... a reset to factory conditions may have helped - it would then be advisable to update the firmware and, of course, auto tuning would be required, possibly followed by manual 'tweaking'

Thanks to Tony Brown for the advice.

Mel re-tuned BTVision digibox ok [new channels]

Currently Awaiting updated information from Ian T. for following (original) information.

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Original Information from Ian Thompson [Knottingley] ........

I just thought I'd make sure everyone knows what's going on with the analogue terrestrial channels.

BBC 2 has now closed down which (technically) was on channel 51 on the UHF band.

ITV has moved to channel 51 in its place.

So if your 'analogue' TV was 'programmed' in the usual way...

Programme No.

Programme Channel
1 BBC1 44
2 BBC2 51
3 ITV 47
4 Channel 4 41
5 Channel 5 37

You will now find that ITV is on Programme number (or position number 2).
BBC2 is gone and there is nothing on the ITV programme number.....

Programme No.

Programme Channel
1 BBC1 44
2 ITV 51
3 - 47
4 Channel 4 41
5 Channel 5 37

On September the 21st all the other analogue channels will close down and it will be goodbye from them ......... !     Goodbye from ALL - analogue & digital 00:30 am 21/09/11 !!!!!!

Viewers MUST then have a television with digital television facilities. Analogue TV receivers will require a Terrestrial Digibox or Skybox (& satellite dish) in order to receive anything at all.

A separate digibox or freeview box is essential for every analogue TV set in the household, or the signal from a box may be split and fed to two (or maybe more) TVs simultaneously, although in this case, the same programme will appear on all sets fed from the split signal.

Communal systems, (in blocks of flats for example), may have other requirements.

I hope this may answer a few questions.

Cheers Ian T.  (Knottingley) - updated by Mel Ashton (Wakefield).  21st September, 2011

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