Kitson College of Technology

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Pictures Courtesy of Paul Brow
Picture Courtesy Paul Brow


Tel:  07740  282  567 (Mobile)


'Leeds Technical College' - to

'Branch College of Engineering & Science' - to

'Kitson College of Engineering & Science' - to

'Kitson College of Technology' - to

'Leeds College of Technology' - to

'Leeds City College' !!

(anyone got any or all of the dates ????)

I used to keep the old prospectus booklets but, unfortunately, they are long gone.


07740  282  567 (Mobile)

Mel's Helicopter Flight with Pilot Paul Brow (16/09/2007 .....
Paul was Senior Electronics Technician
Check out Paul's Website

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Check out information on 'Alwyn Isherwood Ltd'
Mel Ashton's previous employer
includes this obituary re George Crossland (new window)

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