Frank  Riley's  Retirement

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Frank Riley's Retirement December, 1988 ?

Sadly, Frank passed away suddenly on Tuesday August 26th, 2003 age 74 years
Cremation was at Lawnswood Crematorium Thursday September 4th, 2003
Followed by refreshments at Wheetwood Hall (near Lawnswood)
Condolences to his wife, Nora

Nora has also passed away suddenly - see copy of son Ian's email (24/08/08):

Hi Mel

Just a quick note to say Hi and catch up.

First some sad news, in that Mum died a couple of months back.
She was 79 and had been unwell for a few months, and collapsed suddenly at home.
In keeping with her wishes it was just a family funeral and cremation at Rawdon.
In truth, she didn't ever really get over losing Dad and she had really become very run down of late. At least she was able to see Sue and I get married last Christmas, so that is some comfort to us.

The rest of the family are all ok -  all growing up, and much to quickly!

Ben is a Project Engineer for Protec Fire Detection (up to his knees in Cat 5/6) and Sam is at University reading English and Journalism (and looks like getting an First in Drinking too!)

Anne and Andy are fine - they went to Singapore last year and saw a lot of the places Dad worked when he was doing his National Service.

As for us, well I re-discovered your website after goggling the River Ouse Waterways, and Selby Lock in particular.
Sue and I have a cruiser, Sea Hunter, based at Burton Water on the Fossdyke.
We are hoping to go up to York later this week, flooding permitting, so I was downloading some stuff from Humber re the VTS channels and chart amendments etc - then info about Selby. Our boat is a bit tall (Air 13.5ft) so I have to be a bit choosey about where we can go and when.

Anyway, it was good to see the pictures of your boat with its clean and newly blackened bottom, new screw and skeg!

Picture of Sea Hunter below: 

Take care Mel

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Ian & Sue's boat 'Sea Hunter'

Update on family information and widebeam boat required here ?

Ian's later update - December, 2013

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Ian's Grandson - like his Great Grandad Frank (top) ?

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