June Ashton, formerly Spawforth, nee Harrison

A tribute to my beautiful wife and soulmate, June Ashton ...

The start of things:
I met June in Outwood WMC; June was suffering with depression following the sudden death of her husband Michael in a tragic car fire accident.
As she and Michael sat at a table near my sister, Doreen Wilkinson, June sat with them in an attempt to restore some quality of life.
At the time, I was also suffering with depression following my divorce from my wife Megan Ashton after 25 years of marriage;
I too, joined 'Doreen's table'  in an attempt to restore some quality of life.
After some weeks, I plucked up sufficient courage to ask June out for an evening at Alverthorpe WMC.
That was the start of our 29 years together !!

And there's more:
At the time, I had a narrowboat, June joined me on a cruise and MANY years of lovely holidays on the inland waterways started !  We cruised ALL year long and survived many floods and frozen canals.
June enjoyed helping me with the canal locks and sorted buffets for me when I started a Narrowboat Charter business in 1993.
Though I asked June to marry me many times, she refused due to her love and respect for her late husband Michael.  For some reason, she finally agreed and we were married on my seventy fourth birthday, 30th August 2014.
June & I had 'wedding functions' in:
1) The 'Sailors Club'  (Bridlington) on our wedding evening (30th August, 2014) and
2) Outwood WMC on our return from Bridlington on 12th September - with over 200 guests !

On our honeymoon, and in the past five years, we have enjoyed holidays in Bridlington with our treasured Toy Poodle Chloe.

The tough times
Over recent years, Chloe has refused to wear a collar and lead, though she was well behaved without it and loved 'her park' in Bridlington.
However, she had become quite vicious with everyone except June and refused to be clipped by her groomer.  As  June was becoming ill, we consulted the vet and, very reluctantly, had Chloe put to sleep.
On our Bridlington holiday in May, 2019, we had booked our usual 10 day holiday at Bridlington for my 79th birthday and our fifth wedding anniversary.
Though June was ill and we were aware that we would miss Chloe terribly, we decided to go ahead with the holiday but ....
June's illness was getting much worse and she was becoming VERY thin and fragile.
We returned home on Friday 30th August - my 79th birthday and our fifth wedding anniversary.
We managed to get a doctor call out in the evening and June was due for tests on Monday 2nd September but was far too ill.,
A 999 call resulted in June being admitted to Pinderfields Hospital - initially into the A&E assessment ward, followed by ward 12, (acute assessment ward), room 17 at 5:00pm then, at 10:00pm, into Gate 45E, room 15, (with four beds).  Some days later, June was transferred to private room 13 across the corridor.

Nearly the end
A CT scan revealed advanced stage lung cancer, a tumour, heart problems, a form of Pneumonia and other problems.  June's consultant arranged a 'fast track discharge' and, on Wednesday 18th September,  June was transferred to the Swaledale House, (palliative), section of the West Riding Care Home (Lofthouse).  My sister Doreen Wilkinson, formerly Squires, nee Ashton has been in the Airedale, (residential),  section - directly opposite - following a bad stroke in February, 2019.

The end
Sadly, but thankfully, my beautiful wife and soulmate, June, passed away peacefully at 2:00pm on Monday 23rd September, 2019 - I was beside her at the time.

Exactly 3 weeks, (21 days), from going in to Pinderfield's Hospital to dying in the Swaledale House, (Palliative Section), of the West Riding Care Home !

June's Funeral
Was held on Thursday October 3rd, 2019
11:15 at Outwood Parish Church  (approximately 200 present)
The Service Sheet (available online)
The Eulogy (available online) - by Paul Spawforth Snr. - read by Revd. Glenn Coggins
Followed by a burial in her late husbands grave in Outwood Cemetery (opposite)
(pictures of the grave & flowers are available online)
A Celebration of June's Life was held in Outwood WMC (almost all attended)
Family flowers only please - donations in lieu to Wakefield Hospice  415.35 total received (05/11/19)
(please remember to add 'Gift Aid' if paying income tax also to add a comment 'a donation in memory of June Ashton' )

June loved Bingo and Guinness !  A Bingo Dabber, and Some Bingo Cards were enclosed with her in her coffin.
She also loved our late Toy Poodle Chloe - Chloe's favourite Teddy was also enclosed with her in her coffin.
Also enclosed were two cans of Guinness, two packs of cigarettes and two lighters for June and her late husband Michael.

An EXCELLENT Funeral Service was provided by Harpins (Outwood, Wakefield, and Horbury)

Wakefield Express Guest Book Information and Pictures (available online)

My thanks to the doctors, nurses, and all staff in Pinderfields Hospital for their dedication and care of June
To the care staff in Swaledale House, (palliative care), section of West Riding Care Home
Harpins funeral service team and to Revd. Glenn Coggins for efficient church funeral arrangements
To Karen Greaves, (Stewardess at Outwood WMC), husband Paul, (Steward), and Committee for excellent buffet and facilities for the Celebration of June's Life.
To all those who posted a bereavement card to Melvin
To ALL our families and friends for their concern, comfort and help during these difficult times
               particularly her stepson Paul Spawforth Snr. and his wife Susan

June's tribute to her late husband Michael Spawforth (available online)

June's Waddingtons Stuff (available online)

Some of Junes Pictures (available online)

Melvin's new companion Yorkshire Terrier Ernie Ashton (available online)
perhaps June is now at peace and sent Ernie, on 7th November 2019, to support me ??}

Local Care Home Selection (available online)

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April to August, 2008 - Junes Throat Problems (available online)

2nd May, 2009 - June's Initial Fall in Tarn Court (available online)

9th December, 2014 June's broken humerous (left arm)  and  11th September, 2016 June's bad fall from scooter in Bridlington) (available online)

24th November, 2015 - June had another fall in bedroom !  (available online)

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