June's Most Recent Fall
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June felt faint while changing our bed in the bedroom on Thursday 19th November, 2015.  Although she said that she "let her self down slowly", husband Melvin heard a thud from the Lounge.  With Melvin's help, June EVENTUALLY managed to get back into bed ......

On Friday morning she was no better and had much pain and a real struggle to get to the toilet, even with Melvin's help.  June's Brother Beverley and his wife Susan called and, after discussions and a 111 telephone check, an ambulance was called and, after all the usual tests, she was admitted to Pinderfield's hospital.

We were, of course, worried that she MAY have caused some damage to the titanium rod which was fitted between her left knee and hip some 7 years ago when she fell and suffered a very badly shattered hip.  The hip was too badly damaged to replace so was stitched with some 8 or 10 screws / pins.  Also 2 screws / pins at top and bottom of the rod.
She also suffered a broken shoulder just before Xmas, 2014 but all her pain this time was from her leg and groin area.

X-Ray results showed no damage to the repairs mentioned above and it was considered likely that she had sprained muscles which would repair themselves with appropriate therapy.

However, tests had shown an abnormal heart beat AND a chest infection, so she was put on oxygen, an anti-biotic drip, and was admitted to Ward 12, bed 3, for the night or possibly 2 nights?

June thanks EVERYONE for their concern but, respectfully, would prefer not to have visitors except for husband Melvin. If you would like to express your comments, please email Melvin from Here.

Update 8:16 pm Saturday 21st November, 2015:
June doing OK but still can't walk so will need physiotherapy AGAIN !  Also checking on her chest infection but has had the oxygen supply removed (from her nose). I suspect that June will remain in hospital until Monday at least.

Update 5:10 pm Sunday 22nd November, 2015:
June is much better today but 'bored' .....
Managed to walk to ward toilet with nurses assistance.
Doctor not been today as yet but June hopes that she may be home tomorrow ??

Update 5:50 pm Monday 23rd November, 2015:
June much the same but getting very bored and frustrated !
I am going back this evening as she is getting depressed - still awaiting doctor and / or physio visits!

Update 9:00 pm Monday 23rd November, 2015:
June still bored and awaiting doctor and / or physio visits!

Update 4:25 pm Tuesday 24th November, 2015:
The Wanderer has Returned !

June's Son Paul Spawforth and Wife Susan arrived at 2:30 pm and, with Melvin, found that June had transferred to Ward 43.  However, she was in a lounge area, the doctor and Physio's had visited and June was allowed home with Paul, Susan and I.

Using crutches, (from previous injuries), June can manage quite well in our WDH bungalow which has 'Care Link' and other facilities.

Thank you for all your kind comments, messages, and telephone calls.

Chloe, June & Melvin (back to 'normal' order of command!)

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