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June Ashton 1940 – 2019

June Harrison was born on the 21st of May 1940, to Leonard and Ivy Harrison in Leeds, she was part of a large family which was not unusual at the time, and some of her brothers and sisters are here with us today.  She grew up and went to school in Hunslet , leaving school at the age of fifteen and spending most of her working life at Waddingtons card manufacturers.

June had a varied social life and enjoyed listening to the pop music of the Fifties and Sixties, and It was at one of these social occasions at the turn of the decade that she met Mick Spawforth, and they started going out together regularly, at the time Mick was living in Outwood with his son Paul who recalls Mick introducing him to June one evening and soon afterwards Mick and June set up home together. 

They both worked hard during the week and relaxed at the local clubs and pubs in the area on a weekend. It was on one of those weekend nights that Mick and June arrived home the worst for wear, coming through the garden June slipped and fell into the hedge, Mick got her back on her feet eventually and they made it to bed.  The next morning, as they went back through the garden to the car, to go to work they found June’s hairpiece was still stuck in the top of the hedge complete with hairpins.  Many a laugh has been had on the re telling of that story since.

June worked at Waddington’s on an early shift, this meant most days she would do some shopping and then be home at about 3pm. On one occasion having come straight home and arriving early, she started cleaning up, and as usual Paul’s bedroom was the first place to tackle.  She noticed a pair of trousers had been stuffed under the bed, and on trying to pull them out was surprised to find that Paul was still in them having been caught playing truant. June enjoyed telling that story for many years.

Mick and June enjoyed happy years together, moving to John’s Avenue at Lofthouse, and they married in 1979, the reception being held at the Kirkland’s hotel nearby. Then nine years later unfortunately June became a widow after Mick’s untimely death in 1988.

June was still living at John’s Avenue when Melvin came into her life, this was in the early nineties and they soon became a fixture at Outwood Working Men’s club, and at the many Working Men’s clubs around the area.  However their memberships were to move far and wide as Melvin had a narrowboat, and with him June embarked on another chapter of her life, travelling the waterways.  June was always hard working, testimony to this is the fact that she always handled the locks whilst Melvin played his part as Skipper. 

June loved dogs and poodles in particular, they had a succession of them, her last dog being Chloe a black toy poodle.  She was a keen bingo player and not only played, but won on a regular basis. She took great delight in winning, the saying “What, June again” often being heard amongst her competitors for the house prize. 

June was hard working, loyal and loving, she was the best mother to Paul and his family, and a soul mate to Melvin and a true friend to many, it is often said that someone will be sorely missed and we know this is true of June, however she will definitely live on through the many stories and anecdotes, some of the more appropriate ones you have heard today, and some of the others I am sure you will hear later on at the celebration of her life.

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