TV Service Room 2

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Rooms Circa 1955 (from Stuart Cowgill - August, 2007)

Top Floor = Offices
1 (left) Service Control
(the home of Lucy Atmore, Marie Smith, Jean Pickersgill & others)
or .. Cyril Vary's (wages) - via Frank Rayner 28/09/07 if so, which was Service Control ?
2 General Office
(Mrs Thubrun)
3  Brenda Hewitt
(Alwyns Secretary)
4 (right) Alwyn's Office

Centre Floor = Radio & TV Workshops 
1 (left) Radio Room
2 TV2
(Eric Youhill, Tony Stokes, Melvin Ashton + others)
3 & 4 (right) TV1

(2 windows in one room - Frank Rayner (Dad), Les Allott & Peter Hauxewell)

Ground Floor
1 (left) Electricians
2 George Crosslands Office
3 Telephonist / Reception (small window)
4 Stores

Building on right was the Loading Bay

Some dispute currently ongoing (February, 2017) ......

Tony Brown would "bet his house" and, being in a WDH bungalow, I might take him on !

Obviously rooms and particularly occupants changed over the years but I tend to agree with Stuart Cowgill's notes (above):
I started very early September, 1955, as I left school at 14 years of age and had to wait until after my 15th birthday on 30th August, 1955.

The first person to greet me on my arrival was Tony Stokes who pointed to 'Room 2' but had to escort me there.
Tony proceeded to show me how to lay and light the fire in readiness for others arrivals.
I was initially appointed as Eric Youhill's 'lad' but Tony always arrived early and collared me more and more as he realized I was capable of doing repairs which he could put in his 'job book' to look impressive.
Eric was well aware of this but remarked to me that jobs often turned out to be more complex than first appeared so Tony's actions - picking jobs from the in tray early in the morning - didn't bother him.

Jim Whittaker and Trevor Pearson were 'improvers' and impressed me greatly.  Other apprentices arrived in due course, (to Room 2), including Frank Cawthron and Philip Gavin, ("Haggis"), who of course originated from Glasgow but moved to Wakefield when his Dad took a position as a prison officer at Wakefield jail.  His Dad later moved as governor of an 'open prison' in Kent and finally as assistant governor at larger prison Winchester.  However Phil was fed up of moving and decided to stop and complete his apprenticeship with Isherwood's.

Ian Lindley joined Room 2 some time later from the Radio Room where he had worked with Dick Simms, Jim Wales and others.  His brother Robin worked in the Electrical department.

Improvers such as Jim Whittaker and Duncan Thornton left for National Service and this allowed apprentices such as myself to 'leapfrog' promotion to some extent.  Service Manager George Crossland remarked that we were 'underpaid  engineers' but we never got an increase in pay!

I left George Street in September, 1959 to run the new 'Tube Factory' with David Inman.
George Crossland was director of 'Alwyn Isherwood Electronics Ltd.' and myself and George had training on glass welding, high vacuum techniques and more in Marple near Stockport.

On the closure of the 'Tube Factory' - the Auditor's remarked that this had been the most profitable section of Isherwoods - I returned to TV Service, initially at South Elmsall with Manager Frank Brighton, Peter Whitehead, Frank Brunt and others - I later moved back to George Street - the Lindley's building - doing all the chargeable TV work.
Later, having done some part time teaching, I was offered a position of senior technician and later a senior lecturer and course tutor at
Kitson College of Technology, (Leeds).
Being apprehensive, after such a good time with Isherwood's, I asked George Crossland for advice.  Redundances were occuring daily and George advised me to make the move.  He continued to say "if ever you need a job back here, there will be one available for you".
However, George left himself a short time later for a teaching position at Harrogate Army Apprentice College and, later, as a part time lecturer at
Kitson College of Technology.
Ironically, Ian Lindley had also done part time teaching at Wakefield and Leeds, finally also taking up a position as a lecturer at Kitson College of Technology.

Your Comments Here ?

All this is irrelevant really, the reason for me setting up this website following a course in 'Telematics' at Wakefield College in 2002 was - and still is - as a tribute to Alwyn Isherwood who gave us all an excellent apprenticeship and, together with Service Manager and part time course lecturer at Wakefield College, encouraged us all to progress in the industry.
TV was relatively new - initially in our area, only one 405 line channel BBC1.  ITV was to follow in 1958 and 625 BBC2 in about 1960.   Other innovative things introduced was 45 rpm record booths at Kirkgat shop and much more.

R.I.P. Alwyn and George and many thanks to you both for help in our careers.

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