Steve Smith
Personal & Present Details
Grey Court, Newton Hill, Wakefield
At present I am married with 2 daughters Georgina and Sally also have 2 grandchildren Molly and Issac. Still working for my sins looking forward to retirement
Isherwood's Period
Joined just after Isherwoods was taken over by British Relay would be around 1971/2. Went through takeovers from Visionhire, Serviscope and Granada, took redundancy in 1996, working for Nu World UK.
Further Information
I remember having dinner with the lads who repaired the washers, Harry Prentice is the only name I can remember this was because I had been placed with in the TV refurb department behind the washer department. Very sad to hear about George.  Still see Ian Lindley from time to time.
Other Interests
My interests include Grand kids! not much time for anything else, holidays, reading used to enjoy a drink but had to give up, it's a long story.
Your Information
Please let me have more present and past information - particularly the Isherwood's period - which I can include in the 'Isherwood's section' of this 'Ashton' website..
I would prefer you to use email or mail form, but if you wish, you can telephone me:  (01924) 834 464 home     (07740) 282 567 mobile.
Or use 'snail mail' to my home address (obtainable by email or telephone).

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