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Reunion at Outwood Working Men's Club  -  19th September, 2006

George Crossland was over from Wales   (for a reunion at Rothwell
Grammar School on Saturday 16th September).

Due to the very short notice, we only managed a small reunion (Tuesday 19/09/06) but it was very enjoyable.

It was particularly good to finally meet Margaret Davison (nee Bolton) and her husband Brian.
Margaret worked in Lands Lane shop (Leeds), and has been in touch by email several times and has sent several very interesting pictures.

Brian took a three pictures at the reunion - Click Here !

Listing Below

  NAME Telephone Contact Email Contact
01 Ashton Melvin Available via Mel Email
02 Bolton Margaret  (now Davidson) & Brian  Tel: ? Email
03 Cawthron Frank   Email
04 Cowgill Stuart ? Email
05 Crossland George Available via Mel Email
06 Lindley Ian Available via Mel  
07 Ogden Ken Available via Mel (by Tel)
Apologies  -  Cannot Attend but Send Regards
  NAME Telephone Contact Email Contact
01 Blogg Jim Available via Mel  
02 Eastwood Harry ?  (If possible !) Email
03 Gavin Philip (Haggis) Available via Mel
04 Rayner Frank ('Dad') Available via Mel Email
05 Purcell John Available via Mel Email
06 Thornton Duncan Available via Mel  
Notified by Email  -  Awaiting a Reply
  NAME Telephone Contact Email Contact
01 Allott Tony   Email
02 Brown Tony Available via Mel Email
03 Cockell Tony Available via Website ? Email
04 Dickens Bryan ? Email
05 Lovell Graham ? Email
Notified by Telephone  -  Awaiting a Reply
01 Allott Tony Christine informed  
02 Brown Tony MAY be able to attend  
03 Faulkiner Malcolm Message Left  
04 Hauxewell Peter Message Left  

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