John Purcell
Personal & Present Details
Address & Telephone Number Available via Mel
At present I am retired.
Isherwood's Period
From 1957 to 1962.
Further Information
I went on to work for E Mercer Ltd  Castleford who eventually sold out to British Relay and so I ended back where I started with some of the same people (but not the same atmosphere).I left Relay and spent two years working for a dealer in Torquay and eventually returned to Relay in 1977.I finally gave up TV servicing to work at Skelton Grange Power Station in Leeds (1979) and broke away from electronics / electrical work to take up operational duties on boilers / turbine control and troubleshooting. I moved once again to Drax Power Station near Selby and stayed there as a Unit Operator until I retired early due to my wife's illness and my very own heart attack.

Other Interests:
My interests include my Grandchildren 3:  Hayley, Ashley & Jessica. I have two daughters Carol the eldest who was an Hotel receptionist and Emma my youngest who is at university in Chester.
I played football for many years in and around Wakefield, Castleford and West Yorkshire in general (upended Tony Brown a few times)
Other Comments
Other Isherwoods colleagues include - Jean Sherwood (old house George St)
Also didn't notice Les Burton.

Other departments / branches include - Refrigeration Dept.
Bridge Works, Wakefield Rd, Stourton, Leeds 10.

Other memories include - Playing football in cattle market, George Eyre kicking the ball and smashing the giant neon sign on the front of the old house. Haggis and the police box, prison officers club, Double Duck, Willow pattern diners. Ron Brooks tying his horse (van) to the steps railings in front of the old house. Jim Bloggs stood on the fire escape in his (Dads) dunces hat. Also Jims rendition of I'm a little teapot complete with actions at Dads request of course. My own frequent trips to the cellar to fill up the coal buckets to keep all the rooms warm.

Lots of other little things that made it a special place to work with people who made it feel like a family.

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Your Information
Please let me have some present and past information - particularly the Isherwood's period - which I can include in the 'Isherwood's section' of this 'Ashton' website..
I would prefer you to use email or mail form, but if you wish, you can telephone me:  (01924) 834 464 home     (07740) 282 567 mobile.
Or use 'snail mail' to my home address (obtainable by email or telephone).

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