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Isherwoods / 2017 09 Brook Motors proof.pdf  (PDF file in a new window)


Melvin Ashton and most, if not all, service staff were supplied with these.

Melvin Ashton and others will have used this 1961 manual !

Melvin Ashton Comments:
I recall the sad time that 'Radiospares' decided to 'move forward' and changed the name to 'RS Components' - The Rep, David Chandler ?, was very upset over this and I seem to remember him resigning over it.
Myself and a late colleague at kitsoncollege Derek Shaw, sent a letter in support of David to RS Components.
RS Components did of course benefit from the change !

Windermere Road 2013 - WAS Ivy Elwood's Shop ?
Isherwoods Service Department above shop - Radio Room window at top near apex - 'Tube Factory' on right, above garages.
Window on left above shop is service department kitchen window - to right is components store room.

Windermere Road 2013 - WAS the Back of 'Isherwood's Premises

Local Map 1       Street View  taken in 2015             2015   Google Image Copyright 2018

Google Map (new window - Drag and Scale ?)

Map -  1967 Clyde St Home Range

Map -  Fragment of 1967 Clyde St Home Range

Windermere Road Barnsley    Google Image Copyright 2018

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