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GEORGE HENRY CROSSLAND  On 28th May. 2014, in hospital, (Wales), aged 88 years.  Will be sadly missed by all his family, friends and colleagues.
Funeral was held on Monday 9th June at 2pm
at St Idloes Church, Llanidloes followed by a celebration of his life at his favourite local pub The Mount Inn.

Funeral Service Card  (4 page WORD document from Son Geoff)

Mel Ashton,   Friend, Colleague and Webmaster for these pages.  31/05/14

Click Here for My Eulogy hopefully to be read out by someone, on my behalf, during the funeral service or at the 'Celebration of George's Life'.  [note the link to a 'Printer Friendly' version].

The Queens Coronation  [by G.H.C.]    The Queen's Jubilee  [by G.H.C.]

If you haven't got around to it, get one here and email your comments thank you [Mel]

GHC Grave - Picture 1 from Daughter Wendy & Son Geoff  04/12/15

GHC Grave - Picture 2 from Daughter Wendy & Son Geoff  04/12/15
RIP George - from your 'Isherwood's Colleagues'

George's Movie [new YouTube window] made by Son Geoffrey on 15th August, 2005
View Full Screen - Approx 9 minutes
Near end is a cheeky wave during Geoff & Annies wedding in ?
The 'cheeky wave' may have originated from Buster Keaton or similar ? (Mel 13/08/14)
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Sincere apologies but June and I could not attend G.H.C.'s Funeral as we were on holiday in Bridlington (East Yorkshire).
However, we Celebrated his Life in the Victoria Sailors and Working Mens Club  Melvin & June [3:00 pm Monday, 9th June, 2014 see picture below !]
Melvin Ashton - initial apprenticeship at Alwyn Isherwood Ltd.
Later a friend and colleague at Kitson College (Leeds) and other areas.  09/06/14

June & Mel Celebrating the Life of G.H.C.  'Sailors Club' Bridlington  Monday 09/06/14

Hello Melvin
Just to let you know that George sadly passed away in the early hours today.  Geoff and I rushed over to Aberystwyth Hospital in the hope that we could be with him.  As it turned out we were just too late (about 5 minutes), he had already passed.  I had a feeling that this would happen because it is about 4 and half hours drive (even further than Llanidloes).  We spent the night in a nearby B & B and as you can imagine neither of us slept too well.  We have spent all today making the arrangements and this wasn't an easy task, so I was pleased that I was there with Geoff to help sort everything. The funeral will be on Monday 9th June at 2pm.  I will ask Geoff to ring you in the next day or so.  He is absolutely exhausted now with all the driving and stress of the last few days.
Sending our best to you and June and know that George thought a lot about you.  I have never heard anyone say a bad word about him.  We are hoping that many of the friends he made will be there.  We have arranged refreshments at his favourite Pub for afterwards (I am sure he would approve of that!).   Annie (Crossland - Son Geoff's wife)
Received by email 28/05/14
I was very, very, sorry to hear of the passing of George, though this was a blessing as he had recently. suffered a couple of strokes and was in hospital (Wales).
Myself and MANY other people owe much to George for his help and encouragement in the Radio, Television, Electronics and other fields of interest.
Melvin Ashton - initial apprenticeship at Alwyn Isherwood Ltd.
Later a friend and colleague at Kitson College (Leeds) and other areas.  28/05/14

Greatly saddened to hear this news, and my condolences to his nearest & dearest.  He will be sadly missed but I feel sure we will all carry good memories of our times together - how could we not he was such a good well tempered bloke. I am glad I was able to renew my acquaintance with him in later years - he was just the same as when I left Isherwoods after my apprenticeship. (You never know he may be able to apologise in person to Major Rowland Wynn (Lord St.Oswald) for Gary Rank calling him Major Denis Bloodnok way back when).
Stuart Cowgill, Stanley, Wakefield.
Received by email 28/05/14

So sorry to hear the news of George's passing. It sounds as if it is a blessing, however it still does not make it any easier for those left behind. Please pass on my sincere condolences to his family.
Roy Gill ( Radio Room)
Received by email 29/05/14
Thank you Mel. I have let my brother Barry and Eileen’s brother, Bryan in NZ know too. 
It is especially poignant as (uncle) George had a significant influence on my younger 
days and my career choices. 
Thank you for your emails and sympathy, I know the family appreciates it. 
Graham Lovell  [now retired from Sun Computers and living in Texas U.S.A.]
Received by email 29/05/14
Hi Mel,
Sorry to hear the sad news of George C passing away. He was always good to me when he lived in Marshall street, always pleasant and kind.
I'm sure he will be missed.
Regards, Ernie Hartley  (new window Canada).
Received by email  29/05/14
Hi Melvin and June,
Thank you very much for your kind words of condolence, it means a lot.  I have missed the real George Crossland for some time now as the dementia took him away from us but we have fond memories.
Sorry you can't make it to the funeral but I am sure you will be thinking of him.
Best wishes and thanks again.  Wendy (Hanson nee Crossland) and family  xx
Received by email  30/05/14
June and I will certainly be thinking of him and will have a drink, (or several), in celebration of G.H.C.'s life in the Victoria Sailors and Working Mens Club (New window - Bridlingyon).
Reply to Wendy Hanson (nee Crossland)   Reply to Wendy 30/05/14
Dear Melvin,
This is very sad news. I was taught basic electronics by George from 1982-1984 in Harrogate. His enthusiasm for this technology and his absolutely wicked sense of humour has remained with many ex apprentices. I also had the privilege to teach alongside George too. I regret not having the chance to share one last beer with him, he was a gentleman as well as a real mans man too.
 John  [John Whitty - Harrogate Army Apprentice College (new window)
Received by email  01/06/14
John is Managing Director of  GCI (new window)
Hi Mel, I've just seen your news about George, how sad. Was he my Gran & Grandads best man? i'm sure he was. Sorry i haven't been on sooner but we've been away for the week & i haven't had a minute since we got back. Neither my Gran or Grandad have been back to see me at all & its not through lack of trying at my end! . If my Grandad could have come through to me in any way at all he sure would have, so it looks like this is it! scary thought!. I hope you are keeping well. Time seems to be going so fast its 5yrs this month since my Grandad died & 10yrs in dec since my Gran. Thanks for keeping intouch, Frankie boy would be suited !   take care love Liz xxx

Yes Liz, I believe that he WAS their best man - did you check out the G.H.C. obituary via ?   Looks like Frank & Loui will have a pal again ?? I will put your comments on the G.H.C. obituary. Very Best Wishes to Self & Family,   Mel
Communications via Facebook  04/06/14

Dictated by Lyn Jones OBE CStJ:
Dear Mr Ashton
We were saddened by the death of George, who was a great character. He was always involved in Llanidloes concerts, in aid of the Children’s Hospital, and he always read his poem about the Boy and the Lion. Also, he came to Cardiff three years ago on a zipline and went down the side of the building – that’s the type of man he was, so adventurous.
When he came to Llanidloes he settled down and was very well respected by the community.
Please do give my sincere condolences to his family and friends – he’ll be sadly missed.
Kindest regards  Mr Lyn Jones OBE CStJ  Chair, Noah’s Ark Appeal
Received by email   10/06/14

£ 25 donated by Mel in respect for GHC's efforts on their behalf  11/06/14    Their Reply

Dear Melvin
Sorry to take so long to write, but it took nearly three weeks to absorb the fact that GHC  was no longer with us, I somehow thought he would live forever.
As I have said many times, he was a man who influenced my life in so many ways and could always see things in “his boys” that we could not even see in ourselves
I cannot even recall the number of times I have used what he taught me in my personal and professional life.
He was the type of man that you only meet once in a lifetime Please pass on my regards to his family.  I miss him so much it hurts
Regards  Haggis [Phil Gavin]      Good to hear your ok - Regards passed to Family [Mel]

Hi Mel

Lovely photo of yourself and June in Bridlington raising your glasses to George Henry.  Geoff really appreciated your call after his Dad's funeral.  We are both relieved that it is all over, these things are always quite an ordeal.  In many ways it was a really lovely day, and I know that George Henry would have been proud! I had looked at the forecast the day before and heavy rain was due, however the sun shone brightly all day! The Service in his local Church was very moving.  Geoff said a few words about his Dad, and then read out your tribute to him and a few of the others.  Then his good friend Martin said a few words and that was so touching and had some very amusing stories to tell about him.  He was played out to 'Spirit in the sky' at his own request.  We only realised at this point just how full the Church was -  must have been at least 50 locals paying their respects, and there was a bit of 'foot tapping' going on!  He had asked his musician friends to act as pall bearers for him (another lovely touch we thought).  These four friends walked beside the four corners of his hearse and we all followed slowly behind through his town to the cemetery.  When we passed his house (as was), it stopped briefly (another nice touch), this really choked me up!

Afterwards, we all went back to his favourite Pub (The Mount Inn) for refreshments.  Later, Geoff played George's monologue on the screen.  He had spent hours isolating this section from the very lengthy DVD (copy sent to yourself).  He had added a very amusing clip of his Dad doing a silly wave (taken at our wedding) and the end was of George saying 'cheers' and raising his glass. 
Chuck Berry gave this wave in the 1960's or earlier........
But I believe there was someone much earlier - possibly in the 1940's   Mel 01/08/14
Again, so poignant and this really made him even more part of the day.  Then the musicians played for us/him.  We spent the afternoon listening to the music and chatting to many of his friends.  All had a story to tell about George.  Everyone thought so much of him and the usual comments were that he was such a character, a real gentlemen was another.  His enthusiasm for everything and his involvement in the community stood out also.  I am sure that he will never be forgotten.

In the evening Geoff and I walked down the road and had a lovely curry.  We arrived back at the Mount around 9pm (we were staying in the accommodation there).  Geoff was really tired as it had been a long and emotional day for him especially, so he decided to crash out on the bed.  He did say that he would join me later in the Bar, but I wasn't too surprised when he didn't show.  I spent a few more hours chatting with the locals and listening to the brilliant music (yes they were still playing on).  What an interesting and talented lot they are.  Some had even made their own instruments!  One had made a beautiful mandolin and another had made his violin (amazing I  thought!).   I am sure that they will all think of their old friend every Thursday when they play there.

So, our dear old George/Dad is resting in his new home where he told us a few years that he wished to remain.  Our message on his flowers was 'Going to the place that is the best' !  We now have to wait at least 9 months before we can have an appropriate stone put in place for him.

Do keep in touch Mel and thank you again for your wonderful tribute to your friend and mentor!

Best regards Annie (& Geoff)
Hi Mel
Sorry to hear of George's passing.
I obviously didn't, know him as well as you, but I remember him mainly
from the tutoring - in the early days 1956-1958 studying for the
City & Guilds Radio Servicing exam.
Which led me into a career in Electronics.
Condolences to all of George's family.
Regards, Frank Cawthron
Received by email 23/06/14

Condolences to family & friends from George's  'Isherwoods' colleagues:
Mel Ashton, Outwood, Wakefield, 28/05/14
Home Tel: (01924)  834 464    Mobile Tel: 07740  282 567

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