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From 1959 to 1962 I was in charge of the Isherwood's 'Tube Factory', Alwyn Isherwood Electronics Ltd., at Barnsley.  I was assisted by Davis Inman and we reconditioned all makes and types of Cathode Ray Tubes which were sold to our 'many' Service Departments for four pounds ten shillings each (4.50).  At that time, new crt's were typically 1 / inch + Purchase Tax - a typical 17" crt costing 17 + P.T.
I remember the Auditors later remarking that Isherwood's had closed the most profitable department !

In September, 1961, an agreement was made between our Service Manager George Crossland - as Director of Alwyn Isherwood Electronics Ltd. - and Mullard that all equipment from the 'Tube Factory' would be purchased by Mullard  and that Isherwood's would then cease the reconditioning of cathode ray tubes and that large discounts on 'tubes AND valves would be offered by Mullard.  I believe that Mazda also entered into the agreement but have no record of that. The 'Tube Factory' closed in early 1962 and I returned to TV bench work at Wakefield and South Elmsall before leaving and moving to 'Kitson College' in October, 1963 - initially as a senior technician and later as a Senior Lecturer up to my retirement, at the age of 50+1 day in August 1990.

Melvin Ashton, 14th February, 2018




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