South  Hiendley  -  19th March, 2003
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Frank Rayner  ('Dad')


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Frank Rayner  ('Dad')  and  George Crossland


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Frank Rayner  ('Dad')  and  Mel Ashton


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'Later that day'
(after Junes 'Treatment')


1.00 bet placed on 19th March, 2003   (G.H.C. PAID to M.A. to 'hold')

Frank Rayner claims his car was a Wolseley (possibly Wolseley 9)
Bought at Ings Road Auctions with aid from Peter Hauxwell.

George Crossland claims that it was a Lanchester

Peter Hauxwell's decision will be final !

(Mel still holds the 2.00 stake money  - 18th September, 2003)

Email Received 9th November, 2003:

Dear Mel

I am sending this e-mail on behalf of my dad, Peter Hauxwell, who has been given the information about the bet placed in March with regard to the auction.  Here's the verdict:

The car in question was in fact a Wolseley 9, for further confirmation contact Geoff King - (Tel No. available from Mel)
Geoff was Dad's taxi driver for quite awhile. 

Sorry George!  you're out of pocket ! 


Following Frank's death on Friday 26th June - I donated the 2.00, together with my own donation, at the funeral service at Dewsbury Crematorium on Thursday 9th July, 2009 - I think that 'Dad' would approve - i.e. no 'Plunket'.
Mel Ashton  9th July, 2009.

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