Trevor  Midgley
Mel Ashton's Comments:

In 1997, on an initial search of the 'World Wide Web' for any ex 'Isherwoods' employees, I came across 'Trevor Midgley'.
This was the ONLY result from the search and it turns out that Trevor didn't actually work FOR Isherwood's !!!

See Trevor's reply to my email (given below) and take a look at his website:   -  A good read !  (Mel)

If you read the Yorkshire Evening Post you MAY have seen the following article published on 2nd April, 2009:
Trevor has made a comeback in the music world with a THIRD album (after a 38 year break !)

I will list 'associates' of Isherwood's with a 'Yellow' background.

Trevor's Personal & Present Details:
Isherwood's Period
The following was received by email  (18/11/01):

Mel - Hi!

Thanks for the e-mail. Sorry it's taken a while to get back to you. I've just got a new machine with XP, and have spent the last few days re-programming the known universe!

Thanks for the mention on your site (nice idea, by the way). I hope you don't think I'm a fraud. I didn't actually work FOR Alwyn Isherwood.

My story is, I worked for Harold Jeavons, who was the Accountant at Naughton & Bird in Leeds. Rather like Isherwoods, N & B were taken over by (the then) British Relay Wireless. This was in late '63.

Because I could add two and two together and come up with a reasonably accurate answer, British Relay decided to put me on their Northern Area Audit Team. I was the bag-carrying dogsbody. The boss was a guy called Jim Radcliffe. Never got on too well with him. In fairness though, I was a lazy little sod!

Anyway, word came through that we (the NAAT) were to "help out" at that gaunt old building in Wakefield that was the AI Head Office. Three of us, Geoff (?) - sorry, can't remember his surname -, Vic Ross and I were duly dispatched to Wakefield. And there we stayed for six long months. I eventually got fired by Ratcliffe's boss, Ken Hewitt. (That's incredible - I haven't thought of his name for nearly forty years!)

I've no idea what happened to any of those guys. My folks were on holiday - in Austria, I remember - and when I went home jobless, my grandmother said "You'd better get yourself another job, and quick!".

So, rather sharpish, I got myself in at Tate Of Leeds. I'd been there a week by the time the parents re-appeared. You could do that sort of thing in those days!

I suppose you could stretch a point and say that AI were BR, and I was BR, therefore I was AI (does that make sense?). And I did get staff discount from Isherwoods in Leeds when I bought the Beatles second album ("With The Beatles" - retail price 35/9, to you my son, 25/-). That must mean something...

I'll leave all this in your capable hands!

Thanks again for getting in touch.

Best wishes -
 Trevor Midgley

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