Len Briggs Retires

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Len Briggs, Technical Manager for Pye Video, has retired - although retaining his links with the company in a consultancy role.

Mr Briggs, honoured in the Queen's Silver Jubilee Honours List for services to the industry, has devoted a great deal of time to the training of servicing personnel during a career spanning more than 32 years.
he joined in 1946 and within two years was supervising the company's first training school for service personnel in Birmingham.

Subsequently he travelled the country setting up and organising training schools as 405-line TV progressed.
With the arrival of teletext in the 1970's, he staged a series of teletext seminars.
Mr Briggs is pictured receiving retirement presents from his colleagues and presented by E.D.R. Keddie, a director of the Scottish Clydesdale retail group.

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