Info from Stuart Cowgill  27/11/09
Hi Mel,
A quick note to say I was in the surgery on Tuesday and the chap in front of me told the girl his name was Duncan Lee.  "I wonder if it is Walter's lad"  I thought so I asked him.  Sure enough it was .  I told him about your website but he hasn't got a computer.  He lives behind the Wagon & Horses in the village having recently moved back from Crofton.  Stupid me I forgot to get his address but at least he knows about the re-unions etc.  He told me that Walt was only 48 when he died.  Apparently Duncan (then age 17) came home from work just as his dad told his mum he wasn't feeling too good and collapsed in his chair. His mum asked Duncan to get him to bed so he picked him up and carried him to bed.  It seems he didn't make it to the bed and died in Duncan's arms..  Duncan is now 65 so he'll be retired as well.  If I bump into him again I'll get his address and let you have it.  How is June progressing?  And your  eyesight? 
I had some pictures from my friend in the lakes of his bungalow on (almost in) Ullswater - nightmare time it costs over 1600 quid to rent at christmas but it's absolutely brilliant.  I'll put a link in to see what the place looks like in Summer so you can compare. 

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