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Comments from Keith Hartley - received13/06/13

Website link from Keith Hartley


It is an interesting site covering all aspects of TV Transmissions.
Have as look at the transmitter section  and then sub section:

" Top Of The Moss" section  ---- EMLEY MOOR:

  Eye witness reports and photos [opens in a new window]

You will find a selection of my photos referring to the collapse of the steel mast due to Ice  along with a few pictures of the temporary mast. We had a client who was the caretaker at the church and  lived in the cottage at the base of the mast. Due to the noise he  went home just before it fell. He could have been killed if he had not.

   I popped up the following morning with a VHF TV .I managed to by pass the police cordon "delivering to the property in the restricted area" I spent a morning been followed around by the police taking photographs but managed to stay one step ahead .We finished up popping up regularly to check and adjust this TV ( And have a look round)
It may interest the "Isherwood" lads
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Source unknown:

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