Paul Hemsley
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Hello Mel,     OK you've got me there, I will have to own up to being the man in question. I must correct you, it was Wakefield Technical COLLEGE
    I was there with all the people listed in the electrical department plus Wilf Hunt and Ken Gant (I think that was his surname) and a chap we all knew as "Chiv".on the Bendix side. I had a period on outside staff alongside Tony Smith, in fact I taught Tony to drive in the dreaded Standard Atlas. I left when I got stuck inside on the bench and went to Peace and Haller at Sandal and from there had a couple of years as a Hoover service enginer before going to work for a Doncaster shopfitting company.For my last 18 years I had my own electrical contracting firm (why didn't I do that years before?)
    Hope you are keeping well in your old age - where have all the years gone?  regards  Paul
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