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R.I.P. Peter
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Peter 01

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Peter 02  (Flamborough ?)

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Peter 03

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Peter 04  (Early TV Work ?)

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Peter 05  (Early Peter ??)

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Peter 06  (Biking days)

Peter's Matchless Motorcycle was sold to my friend Ernest Hartley (now in Canada):
Visit  (new window).
I, (Melvin Ashton), was always 'niggled' that I couldn't get the hang of the valve lifter for starting it.
Being a 500cc single cylinder, compression was too high for a direct kick start but, after work, Peter
used to stroll down to his machine, casually step over it, opening the petrol valve, use the valve lifter
and kick it up - all in one movement !
Ernest had similar problems and I had to help him initially !

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Peter 07  (Naval days - National Service ?)

Peter 08

Peter 09

Peter 10

Peter 11

Peter 12

Peter 13

Peter 14  Peter's home in Sandy Lane, (Middlestown). Wakefield

Peter 15

Peter 16

Peter 17  Wives trying out the bikes !

Peter 18

Peter 19

Peter 20

Peter 21

Peter 22

Peter 23

Please watch this space ......

Unfortunately I was on holiday in Bridlington and could not attend Peter's funeral.

However, a copy of these pictures was given to me by colleague and friend  Ian Lindley

 who attended Peter's funeral with other Isherwood's Colleagues, Tony Brown and

 Denise Day.

I have started to scan the pictures and would very much like to add more details from

Peter's family or others when convenient - I fully appreciate that this may take time but

hope that more details can be provided, possibly with better quality scans.

(not particularly high resolution).

When I , Ian Lindley, and several other apprentices started working for Alwyn Isherwood Ltd. in 1955

'Isherwoods' had four City & Guilds Qualified Television Engineers .......

1)  The late George Crossland - Service Manager in those days - and our Technical College Lecturer !

2)  The late Eric Youhill,

3)  The late Anthony Gelald Stokes, (Tony or 'AGS'), and, of course..

4)  Peter Hauxwell, (very young for a qualified engineer !!).

Television was relatively new in those days, monochrome, (black and white), small screen, and only one

channel (405 line BBC 1) until ITV was introduced around 1958.

625 line BBC2 arrived much later and Colour TV in 1967

As apprentices and students for TV service work at Huddersfield college, Peter kindly loaned us his car.
We probably drove it too hard but it used to slip out of gear so one of us had to hold the gear lever to
prevent this.  Thank you and R.I.P. Peter - we may not have mentioned this to you at the time !
From Ian Lindley, Philip Gavin, (aka 'Haggis'), and myself, Melvin Ashton.

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