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David's email: 13/08/07

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Hi Mel, Many thanks for the phone call, it was a great surprise and good to hear from you. I have just finished looking round your Web site, wow what a nostalgia trip. Talk about faces from the past, the gap in time is much greater for me what with breaking off for national service (a gap of three years) then returning to George St. after the Barnsley closure only to find that things appeared to be running down. I guess the best years could well have been from 58 to 61 the very years I was in uniform and away.
Great to see the photo collection, though I have to say I would not have recognised some of the faces passing in the street (nor they me). In particular Walt Lee whose funeral I and Roy Williamson attended in 59, and Peter Wilkinson, both of which were my old workmates for a time. Walt trained me and later I trained Peter, great to see them as I remember them.
As for you young man, you have put on weight, must be good living! I trust you are keeping well and that life is good.
It is times like this when one wishes for all the world that one had kept a detailed diary of events, at the time it does not seem very important, but now of course much of the detail is just a blur and we are hungry for facts to stir the grey matter.
I got out of TV in 62, first of all into specialist audio work in Leeds and then industrial electronics at Farnells (Wetherby) where my first marriage broke up and I met my present wife Dajan and my future business partner. This was one of the best periods in my working life, though with three boys to support and a mortgage I needed more money and reluctantly left Farnells to go technical repping, first for S.E.Labs and then Racal.
Then followed some six years in business designing and building industrial instrumentation and systems, this was great untill the three day week and the fall of the Heath government. I then went to work for British Rail in York for several years untill obtaining a contract abroad to work on Satellite TV Earth stations in Africa. Finally I finished up working at the local RAF airfield on radar and nav aids.
When one looks back however varied, it seems to have past very quickly. I remember when leaving school thinking about the next 50 years at work, I just had to do something challenging and interesting, and before you know where you are its all over.
I have some photo's which may be of interest to you, at least two of which are good for the Isherwood Website. The others concern our London trip, you and me, the tall lad from Barnsley radio dept and I think a relative of his. I could try scanning and sending them as attachments, but I would rather post them or hand them to you if we meet up some time.
I visited Fred Smith last week at Newton Hill, we have been keeping in touch for about 5 years now. While there I was talking to Ken Ogden on the phone when he informed me that there was someone I knew knocking at his door, so he had to close down. It turned out to be of all people, Duncan Thornton, its a small world.
Duncan does'nt remember me of course, but thats understandable, compared with the rest of you, my period at Isherwoods was relatively brief.
So, there it is in brief (just as well) I'll close before this e-mail becomes to big.
Let me know what you would like to do about the photo's.
Best Regards,
Dave. (Hatton)
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