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Personal & Present Details (by email 1st July, 2009)
Mel's comments in green text

Hi Mel,
Nice to hook up after such a long time but I am sorry that it is bad news (Frank Rayner's death & funeral arrangements). I am sorry to hear about Frank. But we are all getting to that time of life.
Unfortunately I am sorry to say that due to work schedule I will not be able to attend Frank’s funeral. We have a large (6 week) installation starting in Bolton on Monday, and I am be involved with it.

If you look at our web site ( you will see the type of work that I get involved with.
Totally different to “Telly Bashing” in fact certain jobs can take 12 months from start to finish.

We have a very narrow client base working in controlled lighting and it is very specialised line of work. Working with 400v 3Ph often 300/400amps per phase with my kit controlling up to 512  x  10 amp dimmers,  All  with a single DMX line ( +/- 5 v  complimentary  8 bit TTL logic)  I usually finish at the end of the logic line.

On the other side of our world . I build up sound install racks (See Web) prior to installation on site. Then after first fix I visit site , end connect , then test and commission the kit , both sound and lighting.

Its interesting, involves a little bit of travelling  and it keeps the pennies rolling in.

On a different subject. You may like to look at Mike Brown’s web site ( ).
Excellent reading with LOTS of topics, information & pictures ....
“Eye Witness reports and photo’s” by Keith Hartley & John Skrytek (Polish Engineer).

On the same subject I was interviewed by the BBC for the “One Show” once more regarding this subject and I am still getting comments from clients regarding this program. I am surprised how many people appear to watch the program, even one client in London phoned me up to comment !!!!

Regarding the lost name from Barnsley. It was “Jeff or Geoff Ford. “I have attempted to contact Geoff but his phone switches to his BT mail box. I have left my contact number for him to get back. But you may attempt to contact him and have better luck.

The last contact address I have for Geoff ( 3 years ago ) was :-

Mr Geoff Ford   (address & 'phone number available from Mel).

If you make contact mention my name, he will know me from my last company “White Light North” in Halifax

I also have my own contact private Email Address  -----  -----
---- but I monitor the work’s one each day   08-30/17-00 daily – Mon /Fri only

Once more Nice to hook up. Please pass my regards to all the others on your web site.


Keith Hartley

Isherwood's Period
School  --   Outwood secondary Modern --  followed by RTEB apprenticeship along with the old 52 qualification plus the newer 224 part III (4 of the 5 parts)
Further Information

This was  followed by a string of manufacturer training certificates within the TV industry I Also held the post of Service Manager for around 20 years.
After re training in the lighting industry, I now hold certificates covering training within this industry certified by certain high profile manufactures within the lighting industry. I now hold a similar post:- Technical Support Manager

Other Interests
I have a large garden with my house and a 20 ft green house sat in the centre – this takes up most of my time
Other Information

Other interesting sides to my work have involved me working in the film industry, rubbing shoulders with Samuel L Jackson, Robert Carlyle among others. I acted as LD for the film “ 51st State “ This was shot in  a warehouse in Liverpool , my role involved lighting all the indoor club shots used in the film.

Traveling further a field I have worked on “EXPO” in Portugal. This involved lighting the Emirates stand on the main site.

Other sites involved working in Russia. This was certainly an eye opener. My experience of the internal flights on Aeroflot and Samara Airwaves certainly make one wonder why there in not more accidents within Russia. As an example. They carry cargo within the passenger compartment, to enable this certain seats lift out. Dogs are allowed in the passenger compartment; in fact one was running around on one internal flight to Samara.  also to help with loading the carpets in the entrance lift out ( if fitted in the first place).

The In flight meal are very basic they usually consist of four things –  A square block of soft bread , a smaller block of cheese,  a fancy cake and a “Tea Bag or a coffee sachet”  but no cup. The first thing they then did when they give you the meal it was to ask for the sachet back (strange), after a few minuets a young lady walks round with a tray filled with all the sachets place on it , you then select your brew, following this young lady is a second with cups an a “Samivar” full of hot water , your drink is then brewed on your lap ,without spilling a drop of hot water. Even 20,000 feet.

Other experiences involved over the years.    I have been escorted at gun point out of a restricted area within the Kremlin. It would appear that to get a better perspective for a photograph I accidentally stepped over a low trip wire and tripped an alarm. Suddenly out of the bushes popped two angry guards waving arms and automatic rifles. I quickly popped back and mixed with the crowed.

Down in Samara (the home of the Lada Samara) we were working in a theatre controlled by the mafia, they were ever present and we were well protected by them. One morning I was cornered by one of them, thinking the worst,  but as it turned out  he was able to speak (American) English and took the opportunity to expand his English. With the promise of keeping me safe (This he did).

One visit involved, acting as Project manager overseeing the installation of  240 x 10 amp dimmer channels in 12 x 24 way dimmer racks, this was within an old complex.   The on site electricians – all young ladies – having ripped out all the original dimmers and distribution. left all the cables  piled up in the middle of the floor,  All unmarked) and every cable was white in color – all 480 cores--  via the interpreter along with a few waving of arms and a few drawings, I instructed that before we carry on it must all the cable sorted out –  Phase and neutral for each pair then marked  ---. Once this was done it was all reinstalled and connected within the dimmer units. More to my surprise at switch on nothing went bang. (With the exception of the odd bang due to 110v bulbs been fitter in 220v lamps) it would appear that when I left the site at 17-00h that day they moved in a large team of young ladies and sorted it all out overnight. The male population does very little regarding installation work leaving it to the female population.

Any time we needed to be transported from site to site, we were transported around with a “person” riding shot gun from site to site in the “Theatre coach “This resembled an old army personnel carrier with thick off road tires pumped up really hard. The roads resemble large holes joined together by thin strips of what looks like tarmac. Actually most local roads are made up of layer upon layer of chippings sprayed with hot molten tar.. In the theatre coach the guard usually sat near the door dressed smartly in casual clothing with the tell tale lump near to the arm pit. On the odd occasion it was the English speaking one then we both sat near the door.  With me keeping my head down.

The people over there are totally friendly, in fact they think we are the ones with all the military control .They have very little and are willing to share anything with you . The only thing we did not share was the local brew (15% proof) and “VODKA” This flows like water and is freely available on every street corner –Yet you do not see anyone drunk.--

The above are just a few things that I have been up to in fact. I am sure I could fill a book. I hope you can use any of it and please use as you see fit.

Cheers  Keith.

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