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Information re  George Crossland

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Email from Mel to the Care Team

Hi Team, Regarding Resident Mr George Crossland .........
I have been informed, by George's Son Geoffrey, that George is now back in his room following his recent fall and subsequent hospital treatment. I will try to contact George on his room telephone number shortly, however ...........

George was Service Manager for a radio, television & electrical business - originally based in Wakefield but later also in surrounding towns - Leeds, Barnsley, Huddersfield, Sheffield, South Elmsall and others. George was overall Service Manager for Radio, Television and Electronics departments.
George was also our College Lecturer and, later, a lecturer at Kitson College, (now Leeds City College), and the Army Apprentice College in Harrogate.
George encouraged us 'apprentices' and was our 'Mentor'.  Many of his 'flock' have made successful careers from his encouragement and help. Some are now working abroad, one apprentice (also George's Nephew - Graham Lovell), is with Oracle Computers, in California. (previously Sun Computers - javascript and large computer systems !)
Another former apprentice, Philip Gavin, 'Haggis' (from his Glasgow origins) retired from his post as Eskom power station manager in South Africa.  Philip & wife Bernice built up their 'retirement' bungalow into a 26 bedroom hotel ! They have just retired, (again), and their daughter, 'Penny', is running the hotel.


Being in a care home, mental stimulation by staff can be difficult as they don't know much of their resident's background.  I developed the 'Isherwood' website as a tribute to the late Alwyn Isherwood but it is viewed by many ex staff who all owe much to their former boss 'George Crossland' (GHC).

If possible, when their very limited time allows, I feel it would be useful to staff to take a look at the pages on and, better still, if possible, take a look at the pages in the company of George, (as a guide).  The Male & Female staff lists may be of interest but, more importantly, the link to PICTURES - some from George and others from his late colleague Frank Rayner ('Dad').  There are also pictures from his Nephew Graham Lovell and family in California.
Unfortunately, George never took to computers - he called them '"the work of the devil". Though his Son, Geoffrey, gave him a computer, George didn't persevere with it.  So I am sure that George will not want to use the computer (mouse, etc.) but WILL enjoy an occasional look back in time !

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