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Information re  George Crossland

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On 28/05/2014 22:12, Anne wrote:

Hello Melvin

Just to let you know that George sadly passed away in the early hours today.  Geoff and I rushed over to Aberystwyth Hospital in the hope that we could be with him.  As it turned out we were just too late (about 5 minutes), he had already passed.  I had a feeling that this would happen because it is about 4 and half hours drive (even further than Llanidloes).  We spent the night in a nearby B & B and as you can imagine neither of us slept too well.  We have spent all today making the arrangements and this wasn't an easy task, so I was pleased that I was there with Geoff to help sort everything. The funeral will be on Monday 9th June at 2pm.  I will ask Geoff to ring you in the next day or so.  He is absolutely exhausted now with all the driving and stress of the last few days.

Sending our best to you and June and know that George thought a lot about you.  I have never heard anyone say a bad word about him.  We are hoping that many of the friends he made will be there.  We have arranged refreshments at his favourite Pub for afterwards (I am sure he would approve of that!).


Thank you for informing me Annie, very very sad but a blessing and I am very pleased that he did not suffer too long.
Unfortunately June and I will be on holiday in Bridlington, (, from the 7th to 14th June.  However, I will post these notes on the 'Isherwoods' website and, hopefully, some ex colleagues and friends may be able to attend.
Condolences to Self, Geoff, Wendy and Families.
Melvin Ashton  (Isherwoods Home Page)

Further Comment re contacting / visiting George

On previous attempts at contacting George, I found he was not often in his direct room number (01686 412928) as he is often in the lounge.  I suggest trying his personal room number first and, if not answered, contact him via the care home staff - number below.  They have a cordless telephone which they can take to him in the lounge.

Personal room telephone number:  01686  412 928
Suggested times: 10:00 to 1:00     2:00 to 5:00  6:00 to 9:00

Llanedloes Residential Care Home 01686 413 736

.... the Maes y Wennol  Llangurig Road, Llanidloes SY18 6ES  Click Here for Maps

Reply re John Whitty's request to visit (below)

Hi Melvin

Apologies for the delay in replying to you.  It is so lovely that another of George's apprentices wishes to contact him.  We haven't seen him since our visit over Christmas.  Not sure whether you are aware that we lost Ros (middle daughter) on 29 December.  She had ovarian cancer (diagnosed in 2000).  She had always wanted to visit New Zealand and she had a wonderful holiday over there just a week before she died.  We didn't tell George (thought we could spare him this), but maybe Wendy has told him? 
So sorry to hear this very sad news Annie, condolences to Self, Geoffrey and Family   from Melvin Ashton.

George is very confused nowadays and although he knows us and seems pleased to see us.  It is very difficult to have a conversation with him, he says very little and the conversation is now pretty much one-sided.  Although it would be lovely if John did visit him.  It does seem a long trek if he (1) doesn't remember him and (2) isn't able to have a conversation with him.  He does have a direct phone line through to his room (01686 412928), although he rarely answers as he is usually sitting in the communal room.

Geoff will be going to a shooting competition next month in Mid Wales, so he will see him then.  So there isn't really any update, he is well cared for and that is the best we can hope for him at this stage.  It is upsetting seeing him this way, he was such an active man as you know.  We have tried various things eg we took him a model car along for him to build.  This was just a children's kit and he didn't even take it out of the box.  He has numerous videos to watch, but again he doesn't seem to bother with these.  We took some photos with us at Christmas including one of his hovercraft. That did raise a smile and he said he remembered the day we took that out and we had a really fun afternoon (so certain memories are still intact).

I will contact you again next month after Geoff has visited.  If John would still like to visit, perhaps he could give him a ring first.

Hope that you are both doing ok

Best regards

Annie Crossland

Email from John Whitty (former apprentice of George at Harrogate Army Apprentice College

Hi Mel
I was an apprentices of George's in 1982. Is he still fine? I would like to visit him if possible?

Kind Regards

John Whitty
Managing Director  GCI Telecomm Group

Email reply from Roy Gill since receiving the recent update.
Of course we remember you Roy ........
I am sure that Geoff will pass this information to his Dad (George) possibly next year ! Mel

Please pass on my best wishes to George. He may not remember me, but I worked in the Radio Room with Dick Simms and Jimmy Wales. Dick was my mentor. A lot of water has gone under the bridge since the halcyon days at "Isherwoods", happy days! Best wishes to you all.
Roy Gill.

Email Received from Anne & Geoff Crossland Tuesday 17th December, 2013

Hello Melvin

Hope you are both ok.  Geoff and I went to see George Henry yesterday and attaching a photo for you.  He is being very well looked after and he was looking very clean and tidy.  He is struggling to walk now, even with the aid of a zimmer frame, he needs to be helped.  We stayed with him for about an hour and a half and talked about all kinds.  He does remember most things and is still able to find past events amusing (so he still retains his sense of humour).  It is so hard to see him as he is now.  He gets very fed up with the daily routine.  He has a good friend who calls in regularly and takes him out in his wheel chair if he feels up to it.  This friend plays in band and George used to go down to the local when he was playing there and always recorded the session (so he could re-live this the next day).
 Is this his friend Martin ??  [Mel Ashton] and the 'Stag' pub ?   [Mel Ashton]

We mentioned yourself to him yesterday and he still remembers you fondly.  He will be 88 on the 27 December. [I enclosed a birthday card with his Xmas card - Mel Ashton]

Wishing you both and all your family a happy Christmas and best wishes for the new year.

Annie and Geoff

George and Son Geoffrey,  December 2013   [GHC was 88 on 27th December, 2013]
picture taken in the Maes y Wennol  Llangurig Road, Llanidloes SY18 6ES  Click Here for Maps

Reply from Geoff Crossland  09/10/13
Hi Mel,
Thanks for copy email.
Yes I have shown much of the historical stuff to Dad;  but he doesn't retain many of the memories.
He enjoyed the pics at the time.
Regards, Geoff Crossland

Sunday 06/10/13
I telephoned George today and, again, found him in 'good condition'.
Very polite and is happy and well looked after by staff at the care home.
He confirmed that he still visits the 'Stag' pub on music nights, picked up and returned by his long time musician friend Martin but I am unsure of this and will check with daughter Wendy or son Geoffrey.  Though George is doing ok, it is difficult maintaining conversation with him over the telephone .........
he even seems unsure of his Isherwood's period, Army Apprentice College and Kitson College times.  I doubt that he has been shown the 'Isherwoods' staff List, pictures (including himself & Frank Raynor - 'Dad' - and other stuff).
I created some information that staff might be able to use but I have had no feedback regarding this information (emails sent at least twice).

Sunday 03/03/13
I telephoned George today and found him in 'good condition' (backed up by staff).
We discussed the pictures taken by Stuart Cowgill and other stuff.  I suggested to George and staff that viewing these pictures - and other stuff on the pages - would be of interest to George AND to staff at the care home.

Sunday 13/01/12
George recently returned to his room in the Llanedloes Residential Care Home ....
.... the
Maes y Wennol  Llangurig Road, Llanidloes SY18 6ES  Click Here for Maps

I had a chat with George today at 2:00pm.  He seems to be very content and cheerful [very polite and thankful for my call.  I have set up some notes for staff and sent them to the home in the hope that staff, if / when they have time, will be able to stimulate George with notes and pictures, mainly from our 'Isherwoods' period but also including pictures of Wales when Ian Lindley, Susan and I visited him in May, 2002
Click Here for the notes

Thursday 27/12/12    George is 87 today !!
I managed to speak to him on the Llanidloes hospital telephone and he seems to be in reasonably good spirits and is having physiotherapy to help with his injuries (see below).  I told him that you all wish him well and he remembered all your names.

Wednesday 12/12/12  George had a bad fall in his room some 4 weeks ago.
He was transferred to Aberystwyth hospital - broken hip. shoulder & humorous (upper arm).

He has had a hip replacement and has been transferred to another hospital - nearer Llanidloes  but may not be able to return to his previous residential care home -  i.e. he may require nursing care?
George will be 87 years of age on 27/12/12.

I will post more information when received - Mel Ashton.

Saturday 12/01/13 Reply from Tony Brown
Tony apologises for late reply but has suffered pneumonia and is still suffering with other problems.
He is pleased to hear that George has returned from hospital following his bad fall and, of course, wishes him well for continued recovery.

Thursday 13/12/12  Reply from Ernie (Ernest) Hartley [Canada but originally next door to G.H.C.
Initially worked at B.J.D. but, as a mate of Mel's, was 'an associate' of Isherwoods']

Hi Mel,
Wish George all the very best from me, Ernie from 16 Marshall St, if he remembers
me on his old motor bike and I hope he has a speedy recovery. 

Thursday 13/12/12  Reply from Stuart Cowgill
Hi Mel,
Thanks for this - please pass on my good wishes to George when next you contact him. He's had more to cope with than my missis by the sound of things. I hope he's not diabetic as well cos that really slows down recovery ! Anne has only just been discharged from the vascular unit at PGH out-patients following an operation in April. (We're both like pincushions from thrice daily blood sugar testing punctures) It's an absolute sod trying to keep the levels balanced especially as the tablets are only once a day - albeit allegedly controlled released. Mine went orbital one night following a minor excess (2 biscuits) and it was still high the following morning so I bet my Hba1C is ATB next time they take it.
Every good wish for Christmas & New Year.  Stuart & Co.

Thursday 13/12/12  Reply from Peter Whitehead:
Many thanks for the update on GHC one can only hope that he recovers but it would appear one nasty fall.
Life here is good and still working at my toastmastering but have promised Val that I will not chase business next year but just accept what comes in.
Can we both wish you a Happy Christmas and a Healthy New Year
Pete Whitehead

Thursday 13/12/12  Reply from Phil Gavin:
Dear Mel

Great to hear G.H.C. is still plodding on ,but sorry to hear of his fall and injuries. I have tried a couple of times to email him but never get a response.
Since you seem to keep in touch with him, please pass on Bernice's and my best wishes for a good recovery and a Merry Xmas
He was more than a boss in so many ways
Remind us to Ian and others

Saturday 18/08/12 Telephoned George & had a good chat - he seems very content and is being well looked after.  George still visits the 'Stag' Inn on occasions with his friend Martin.  Informed him that June & I hope to move into a WDH (Council) bungalow in the not too distant future.

Monday 16/04/12  Received 'Dulcetto Sound Box' from George via daughter Wendy. Click Here for picture & information.

Saturday 14/04/12  Telephoned George & had a good chat - he seems very content and his friend Martin, a musician, picks him up and takes him to the 'Stag' Inn once a week for the music night.Update from daughter Wendy  14/04/12

George moved from Rhayeder to a Llanedloes Residential Care Home ....

.... the Maes y Wennol  Llangurig Road, Llanidloes SY18 6ES  Click Here for Maps

Since George lived in Llanedloes for many years, I am sure that he will be much happier and will meet more friends.

Room telephone number:  01686  412 928
Suggested times: 10:00 to 1:00     2:00 to 5:00  6:00 to 9:00

George currently 86 years of age - 87 on 27/12/12

Copy of Email received from daughter Wendy Hanson on Friday, 23/03/12 ....

Hi Mel, just to let you know, Dad has been moved to the Maes-Y-Wennol care home in Llanidloes.  The telephone number is 01686 413736.  Address  Llangurig Road, Llanidloes, Nr Newtown, Powys  SY18 6ES Wales.  Me and the kids are planning to visit him next Friday (30th March for the weekend) if anyone has any messages for him please let me know.  He is quite happy there and being well looked after which is a relief for the family.  He has made some friends so that is good.
Hope you are all ok.
Best wishes and kind regards

George moved to Bringwy House Residential Home in November, 2011
South Street, Rhayader LD6 5BN

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