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George's Recent Information

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Dear Mel
Please pass on Bernice's and my best wishes to George and let him know we think of him regularly
Phil[haggis] 27/03/12

Hi Mel,
Thanks for the update,
Please include my best regards to George when next you contact him
Stuart Cowgill.  26/03/12

25/03/12  from Melvin Ashton

Very pleased to hear that George is now living in Llanidloes - close to his friends.

These include 'Les' ? who George helped with raffles etc. for the Children's Hospital Noah's Arc Appeal  [June & I won a pair  of ladies & mens wrist watches !]

During our last chat I mentioned that my friend Ernie Hartley, Canada but originally 16 Marshall Street Stanley, next door to George, had a picture of himself on George's motor cycle. Hopefully, George's daughter Wendy or son Geoff will print it out for him.

Isherwood's pictures, GHC's and Frank Rayner's [Dad's],  and other pictures

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02/01/12  from Melvin Ashton

I [Mel] telephoned George today [02/01/12] and we had a good chat for about 30 minutes!
George was watching a WW2 DVD in his bedroom when I called at about 9:00pm.

Inevitably, we chatted about Isherwood's times - he calls Ian Lindley "Dual In Line" - his name is Donald Ian Lindley or D.I.L.

I passed on the best wishes of all Isherwood's staff, including Philip Gavin [Haggis] in South Africa and Graham Lovell - now in Austin [Texas].

George recalled a 20 week course in Glasgow during his army days .......
The Sergeant made them join a long 'Conga' dance through the streets !
He also recalled many details regarding his motorcycle - see his pictures.

We also discussed several Isherwood's pictures, GHC's and Frank Rayner's [Dad's],  and other pictures.

02/01/12  from Phil Gavin ['Haggis']   The Homestead South Africa 

Dear Mel
Tried to send Email to GHC BUT COULD NOT GET IT THROUGH, do not know why, maybe you can help?
Just let him know Bernice and I are thinking about him and of all the people I have worked for he has always been my role model
Haggis  [Philip Gavin]

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