George Henry Crossland  (Harry)

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A 'Queen's Jubilee Story'  for a Welsh Museum Article  (by G.H.C.)
I've always been a wirelessman - ever since that day, as a boy, when I got my first crystal wireless set working.
When I left school, I was a signed-up Apprentice Wireless Repairer with a family firm in West Yorkshire (The West Riding of Yorkshire).
I was then called up at 18 into the R.E.M.E. as a Wireless Mechanic.
Then Demob and a job with another Wakefield Wireless Business.
I became their FIRST Television Repair Man !
We sold TV sets to receive the BBC Birmingham Television Transmissions.
This transmitter was some 80 miles away and took some getting.
There was only one program - a few hours at night only !
We had to install & repair TV sets using the test transmissions during the day.
I still remember those test programmes - I should do as I saw them 1000's of times a day !
Most of them I can repeat - word for word - today.
THEN ....
On the 12th October, 1951, the Yorkshire Transmitter at Holme Moss, (near Huddersfield), came on the air.
Our screens lit up bright and clear !
The problem was keeping the picture out.
It was so strong - rock steady without all those spots.

Well, that's my story so it's Goodbye from George Crossland.

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