George Henry Crossland  (Harry)

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QUEEN ELIZABETH's CORONATION      2nd June, 1953  [new window]

Broadcast LIVE on BBC Television.

I didn't have a television set myself - in those days garage mechanics didn't have a motor car, refrigeration mechanics didn't have a fridge and Post Office Telephone Engineers didn't have a telephone !
However, we had a kind boss and he let me borrow a brand new set from the showroom especially to watch the Coronation !

The TV set was a beauty - English Electric - 15" round tube (called the 'tin tube' because the bowl was made of steel instead of glass).

Our old terrace house was crammed with neighbours to watch the Queen's Coronation and all went perfectly.

Soon after the Coronation, one of our local Rugby League Teams - Featherstone Rovers - went down to Wembley for the weekend  (it needed a second coach for the beer !).

I was given the job of installing 20 of our biggest and best Television Sets in the Featherstone Village Hall for the 'Deserted Women Folk' to watch the match.

Alas, I was young and innocent in those days - now I'm just innocent !!!!

Well, that's my story so it's Goodbye from George Crossland.

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