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Isherwood's Dance  -  Mecca  -  1960 ?
Henry (Bryan's Mate),   Roy (marrried Molly),    Molly Mills,   Bryan Dickens


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Blackpool Trip  -  1959 /1960 ?
Let to Right:
Lucy Atmore,  Al Taylor,  RonBrooks,  Jim Bloggs,  Clem Rickets,  Trevor Pearson,
??,  Gilbert Riley,  Frank Eden ??, ??, Henry (Bryan's Mate),  Bryan Dickens,
Ian Lindley,  Brian Martin,  Ellie Cullen,  Tony Allott,  "Houdini"?, Jim Whitaker ?
(Joan Parkes inside bus ? - see below)


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Could be Joan Parkes ?
(on the bus)


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Stuart Cowgill  &  Bryan  Dickens -  taken by Al Taylor in 'Room 2'
Al repaired Braun Flash units
George Crossland  received an almost lethal shock on one occasion at least.
The capacitors held a lethal charge & one - thought to be discharged -
when tipped up, the contacts made a connection to George's hand !!!

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