George Henry Crossland  (Harry)

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Obituary  by Melvin Ashton 28/05/14  G.H.C. 88 on 27/12/13  Scroll Down for 'Queens Jubilee Story' and the  'Coronatiom'

Update from daughter Wendy  14/04/12       

George moved from Rhayeder to a Llanedloes Residential Care Home ....

.... the Maes y Wennol  Llangurig Road, Llanidloes SY18 6ES  Click Here for Maps

Since George lived in Llanedloes for many years, I am sure that he will be much happier and will meet more friends.

Room telephone number:  01686  412 928  Suggested times: 10:00 to 1:00     2:00 to 5:00  6:00 to 9:00

George currently 86 years of age - 87 on 27/12/12

George has recently moved to a residential home in Rhayader - Mel Ashton 28/11/11

Note: This Information Provided by Mel Ashton -
to be updated when G.H.C. gets confident with his 'confuser'  !!

George seems to have given up with PC  -  Mel  October, 2006
George's son Geoff: a very successful Rally Trip Meter Business !  [NOW RETIRED & BUSINESS SOLD - 2012]


Personal & Present Details
Now living in Wales  Current vehicle: Skoda Fabia 1.9 (diesel)   SF53 PWV  took George 8 hours instead of 4 on Friday 19th June, 2009 !
George travelled in the hope of visiting Frank Rayner, 'Dad' but, unfortunately, Frank was heavily sedated and too ill to accept visitors.  George, June & Mel visited the 'Rose & Crown' pub - Lofthouse and thoroughly enjoyed the evening with an excellent laser lighting display. George accepted our invitation to stay a couple of nights.
He visited step-brother Reg, Leeds Road, Lofthouse and Ian Lindley on Saturday 20th June, 2009.
Isherwood's Period
Service Manager for some 10 years ?
Further Information
Part Time Lecturer at Wakefield College & Kitson College (Leeds)
Civilian Instructor at Harrogate Army Apprentice College
Other Interests
To be continued .....
A 'Queen's Jubilee Story'  for a Welsh Museum Article  (by G.H.C.)
I've always been a wirelessman - ever since that day, as a boy, when I got my first crystal wireless set working.
When I left school, I was a signed-up Apprentice Wireless Repairer with a family firm in West Yorkshire (The West Riding of Yorkshire).
I was then called up at 18 into the R.E.M.E. as a Wireless Mechanic.
Then Demob and a job with another Wakefield Wireless Business.
I became their FIRST Television Repair Man !
We sold TV sets to receive the BBC Birmingham Television Transmissions.
This transmitter was some 80 miles away and took some getting.
There was only one program - a few hours at night only !
We had to install & repair TV sets using the test transmissions during the day.
I still remember those test programmes - I should do as I saw them 1000's of times a day !
Most of them I can repeat - word for word - today.
THEN ....
On the 12th October, 1951, the Yorkshire Transmitter at Holme Moss, (near Huddersfield), came on the air.
Our screens lit up bright and clear !
The problem was keeping the picture out.
It was so strong - rock steady without all those spots.
Broadcast LIVE on BBC Television.
I didn't have a television set myself - in those days garage mechanics didn't have a motor car, refrigeration mechanics didn't have a fridge and Post Office Telephone Engineers didn't have a telephone !
However, we had a kind boss and he let me borrow a brand new set from the showroom especially to watch the Coronation !
The TV set was a beauty - English Electric - 15" round tube (called the 'tin tube' because the bowl was made of steel instead of glass).
Our old terrace house was crammed with neighbours to watch the Queen's Coronation and all went perfectly.
Soon after the Coronation, one of our local Rugby League Teams - Featherstone Rovers - went down to Wembley for the weekend  (it needed a second coach for the beer !).
I was given the job of installing 20 of our biggest and best Television Sets in the Featherstone Village Hall for the 'Deserted Women Folk' to watch the match.
Alas, I was young and innocent in those days - now I'm just innocent !!!!

Well, that's my story so it's Goodbye from George Crossland.
(Address & Telephone No. available 'by appointment' - Mel Ashton).

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Your Information
Please let me have some present and past information - particularly the Isherwood's period - which I can include in the 'Isherwood's section' of this 'Ashton' website..
I would prefer you to use email or mail form, but if you wish, you can telephone me:  (01924) 834 464 home     (07740) 282 567 mobile.
Or use 'snail mail' to my home address (obtainable by email or telephone).

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