Stuart  Cowgill
Personal & Present Details
At present I am recently retired from West Yorkshire Police IT Dept
Isherwood's Period
From 1954 to 1961
Further Information
I Joined Wakefield City Ambulance Service as controller till 1967 then Vallances as a field service engineer to 1987 ,  Then from September 1988 till August 2003
with West Yorkshire Police IT dept finishing up as System Manager for the Control room Integrated Communications Control Systems.
Other Interests
My interests include Photography and gem stone cutting (hence the email address - Mel)
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Other Isherwoods Colleagues
Other Isherwoods colleagues include - Mavis ??  is Mavis Consterdine.   Marie Smith (later Flanagan) last known at Walton Station Lane Sandal (one of my customers at Vallances) I think the Malcolm Falkener should be Falkinder - he drove a Jowett Javelin at one time.
The Police Station where I was based is called Javelin House to Commemorate the Jowett which was made just across the road at Idle in Bradford.  The Police Station is officially Eccleshill Police station (cos it wouldn't do to have Idle Coppers! ! )
Eric Kinson had a Jowett Javelin and Isherwoods had a couple of small Jowett vans - Mel.
Thanks to Duncan Thornton For telling me about this site!
Stuart - above changes made - please check that they are correct (Mel)
You MUST have lots of Isherwoods memorabilia - please contact me (Mel)

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